Bending Over Backward

The Why and How of Practicing and Teaching Backbends
Know what to learn and unlearn about backbends so that you can practice them or teach them in a healthy, safe and intelligent way.

4 Fridays during Novemeber 2021

5/11, 12/11, 19/11, 26/11

Early Bird Cost (until October 15th) : 495 INS
Regular Cost (after October 15th) : 545 INS

All sessions will be recorded and available for you until the end of November!
Backbends are important. They’re important for opening the front of the body which we close normally. We stretch the intercostal muscles between the ribs and we stretch the front of the diaphragm. Both of this help breathing as we age and as we live this practice. Energetically, backbends squeeze the back kidneys and open the front kidneys and affects somewhat the adrenal glands. Back bends energetically are often suggested for two ends of the spectrum of our emotional state. They can be good for depression. They can also be good for the opposite when we’re very agitated if we do a supported backbend in which the head is lower than the heart. That can be very internalizing and quieting and reduce the Dosha of Vatta.
The more we age, the more backbends we need to do (:
It is all about our intention of doing this pose and not the pose itself.
We all need backbends in our lives.
This workshop will include theoretical studies of anatomy & kinesiology as well as psychological effects back bends create.
Join us to explore, practice and enjoy backbends! It will be fun!
Cost: 545 INS



Dear Vicky,
Thank you very much for a wonderful course! I enjoyed every meeting with you as usual and I learnt a lot from you! Insights, tips, refinements and emphases that go with me and resonate further in my both yoga practice and in life experience.


Dear Vicky, you are a very special person and a professional yoga teacher. I enjoyed every moment in the course. I learned a lot from you and THE COURSE MAD SO MANY THINGS CLEARER AND MORE ACCESSIBLE FOR ME. I enjoyed every session and every practice. Thank you very much, I signed up for the workshop in Tel Aviv and looking forward to meet you face to face.


Dear Charming Vicky,
Although I was not able to take all Live sessions, I view them recorded and practiced all of it on my time and really enjoyed it. You are a very special being and a professional yoga teacher.
Thank you very much


Dear Vicky,
Thank you very much!!
It was an enriching online yoga course with many wonderful highlights and practical yoga tips that contributed a lot to me.
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Thank you for an accurate and precise yoga course.
I received so many new tools and interesting insights.
You are pleasant human and a very professional ️