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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course with Vicky Tomsky

Experience a shift in mindset, empowering you to re-approach well-being from a more effective viewpoint that can change lives profoundly.

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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course with Vicky Tomsky
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course with Vicky Tomsky

When & Where

Will Be Available Soon

Location is TBD

Everything You Need to Know

What is a Restorative Yoga?

''Restorative yoga is the use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health. Restorative yoga is a practice in and of itself for people of all ages, at all levels of yoga experience, and in all states of health''   -  Judith Hanson Lasater

Why Should We Practice a Restorative Yoga?

Life encourages us to be productive and always exist in our hyper state of 'doing', yet we often forget our natural state of 'being'. Multitasking may be a key goal in Western society, yet it often drives us to be overworked and sleep-deprived, reducing our ability to maintain a harmonious lifestyle of health and joy. This is where restorative yoga comes in, to do its magic as a profound therapeutic practice that cares for our physical, mental, and emotional healing.

In restorative yoga, deep relaxation is achieved by holding a small selection of poses for an extended 10-20 minutes each during one yoga class. When practiced consistently, Restorative Yoga Practice can continuously boost the body's ability to work internally on physiological and spiritual well-being.

Practicing restorative yoga gives your body the safe haven it needs to focus on rebalancing the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), ensuring the body is restored, relaxed, healed, and functioning in harmony, naturally.

More Information about Next Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYT) Will Be Advertised Soon.

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