ELLA YOGA SARONA | 24/04 | 09:30-12:30

Backbends are important. They’re important for opening the front of the body which we normally close. We stretch the intercostal muscles between the ribs and we stretch the front of the diaphragm. Both of these helps breathing as we age and as we live this practice. Energetically, backbends squeeze the back kidneys and open the front kidneys and affect the adrenal glands. Back bends energetically are often suggested for two ends of the spectrum of our emotional state. They can be good for depression. They can also be good for the opposite when we’re very agitated if we do a supported backbend in which the head is lower than the heart. That can be very internalizing and quieting and reduce the Dosha of Vatta.

The more we age, the more backbends we need to do (:
It is all about our intention of doing this pose and not the pose itself.
We all need backbends in our lives.

This workshop will include theoretical studies of anatomy & kinesiology as well as psychological effects backbends create.
Join us to explore, practice and enjoy backbends! It will be fun!To register visit HERE or email me at 

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Rona Ilan, Greece 2019

I participated in a yoga retreat led by Vicky in Greece, on May 2019. We were an intimate group of wonderful people, sharing five days together on a beautiful island, practicing yoga in sunrise and meditation in sun dawn every day, exploring the island, eating delicious Greek homemade meals and most importantly, zooming out of our hectic everyday lives and tuning in to our deeper wishes and desires.


With her unique relaxed and fun-loving approach, Vicky led this very personal retreat with a lot of sensitivity and knowledge, she was in every detail, and took this retreat also as part of her own personal development journey, and it really showed.


My take at the end of the retreat was that living a life you don't need a vacation from is my current goal. While working on that :) I'm waiting for my next retreat with Vicky, as I feel this is so much more than a vacation, this is a time to relax, smile, recharge, and practice the art of designing your daily life as a vacation.


Thank you Vicky :)    

Maytal Hadari, Yoga Retreat

I found that Yoga retreat are a good way for me to take a break and to do what I love.  A way of deepening  my daily practice, enjoy good food and good rest.

You can be sure that Vicky will find the best place, with the best view and the food will be great! On top of that is the teacher(: vicky can see what you need in your practice and walks you and give you the exact challenge you need.