Sep 21, 2021 09:00


This is an invitation to join me on Thursday, September 21st, 21.00 Athens Time for a free online Guided Meditation practice followed by a long & juicy Savasana.


Home Meditation practice begins with finding comfort in the physical body. Never force it. The discipline is about consistency, even if it's only a 5 min meditation, and not about internal or external force. 


Meditation is about making friends with our agitated mind. We should not try to make the mind different, neither resisting it, but eventually falling in love with our mind as part of us.


It will be a 40 min live session on zoom and there will be a recording offered in case you can't make it. 


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Making Friends with our Monkey’s Mind
Sep 30, 2021 09:00 PM Athens


Namaste and much love,

Hi Vicky,
When I step onto my yoga mat, I take the time to discover myself. But there is so much to explore, especially postpartum, and so little time to do it right. In this "Trust Yourself First" weekend you insightfully and professionally built a perfect training program that gave me tools and pointers to finetune my self-practice. Your deep knowledge in anatomy provided me with the opportunity to learn what is best for my new postpartum body. Now my yoga practice feels much better and me and my body thank you so much!!
I definitely trust myself more now � and can't wait for your next course "Rooting before flying".

Adi Shaul

My retreat with Vicky was a gift for myself.
Being a working mom with two little kids after covid year felt like the right time for some ME time.. Vicky for me is more than a yoga teacher. She takes you to her own journey, we grow together with our body and mind and practicing with her feels like it's the first time every time. She constantly improving and learning new things and share them with us.
A good outcome for me was to practice yoga as much as I can in this retreat.
But Vicky's way was to leave a mark and bring back to people the magic glimpse of yoga. Let people want to explore their own journey. Yesterday was the yoga international day, I went to a magic place for 108 sun salutation and my friend who were with me in the retreat went to a yoga class after two years she stopped practicing.
So thank you Vicky for taking us with you into your journey and spreading yoga love in this world

Galia (Lihi's mother)

Hi Vicky,
I wanted to share with you my feelings from the weekend at Beit Oren.
I came to this weekend after a very long time not practicing yoga and I must tell you, I came out feeling wonderful and with a strong desire to return to yoga in full force.
Practicing with you, your knowledge and your way of delivering ques and instructions were perfect to me. I enjoyed every moment and there is no doubt that if you had taught classes in the country, I would follow you everywhere. Honestly (:
Thank you
And if you return to Israel, I would love to hear about your future retreats.


Miri and Yuval 

Dear Vicky, The Master ..
With great courage and without knowing where I was going, with a two and a half month old baby in my hands I met your face at the door of a magical vacation.
Thank you so much for an amazing and powerful experience.
For your professionalism and especially for the wide heart, the strong desire to convey your wisdom and personal touch.
Thank you for being there. Part of an unforgettable experience for me.
Already waiting for our next meeting . in Athens or in Israel.
You're a huge gift to the world. ️