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September 20-24
Peloponnese, Greece

A special yoga retreat in the Peloponnese peninsula under the guidance of Vicky Tomsky.
Four nights and five days of in-depth practice in a stunning hotel by the sea - a two-hour distance from Athens, combined with exercises, rest and hiking.
Every morning we shall experience active yoga practice on two levels (early lesson for more experienced practitioners, later lesson for more beginners). In the afternoon, we shall practice restorative yoga, healing meditation, pranayama and chanting. In addition we shall have mini workshop and discussions (:

About our hotel:
Family-run hotel of a charming Greek family. The owner of the place, Christina, has been involved in the tourism business for over forty years, and also has a camping site and a restaurant on the beach - where we will have dinner. In a hotel where we will stay only 20 rooms, all of them are the same size and interior design. The rooms are modern, comfortable and beautiful, and offer everything a person needs to relax, unwind and rejuvenate: air conditioning, hot and cold water, comfortable beds, kitchenette, TV and open-air balcony for breath-taking views.

Outside: Restaurant, bar, infinity pool surrounded by sun beds, seating areas and a freshly practiced indoor practice hall.

The hotel's regulated beach, with sun beds and parasols for your free use, is a five - minute walk from the hotel, a pleasant and comfortable walk-through fields and crops.

Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. All the products at breakfast and dinner are fresh and organic, most of which the family grows and produces itself by growing organically on their farm.

Dinner will be held at a local beachfront tavern restaurant.

Excursions included in the price:
Beach and Asini - Yul on foot led by a local guide to get to know the area where we will stay. We will leave the hotel and walk on the coastline of Darfano. We will reach the ruins of the ancient village of Asini, located on the shoreline, from which there is a spectacular panoramic view of the nearby bays of the sea. From there it will be possible to return to the hotel or continue independently with a short walk to the nearby town - Tolo - a bustling tourist destination in Europe, where many restaurants, cafes and bars.

Athens - On the last day in the afternoon we made our way to the glorious capital of Greece - Athens. We will descend near the Acropolis and allow a few free hours for independent walking in the center of Athens.

Hydra Island - Excursion - 50 euros per person

A day trip to the famous island where Leonard Cohen and Sophia Loren lived, among others. The long and narrow island includes the beautiful port town of Hydra - which we will reach by boat.

After breakfast we will leave our hotel by organized bus in the direction of the pier (about an hour and a half drive) from where we will sail to Hydra Island (a 20 minute cruise). We will spend 3 hours on the island itself, wandering freely between the alleys of the city and the port. We will soak up the atmosphere of the special island, where entry to vehicles is prohibited, so hike either on foot or on donkeys. A unique opportunity to reach a place that is home and inspiration to many bohemians

* The trip is offered to those who pre-register for a fee of 50 euros per person.If you need this Vacation contact Vicky to register!

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