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Magic Lives in Your Home Too

The photo was taken by Stas during our Evia Retreat this July

Everything is possible with faith and consistent practice.

I started practicing handstands after Michael, my second child, was born. This was about 7 years ago. Back then, the mission was very clear: to be able to be inverted, standing on my hands, without any support, and for a long period of time(: As you could guess by the picture, the mission is accomplished by now, but guess what? The journey is still evolving.

With time, my goal of doing handstands became secondary. What gave me the drive, and the most joy and satisfaction was the different paths I chose while exploring the strength and stability of my ever-changing body.

Eventually, my initial goal turned into a rich playground, on and off my yoga mat. Every day, I would explore something new, using this prop or another, when after some time, realizing, I forgot about the mission. I was having a great time and I didn't want it to end.

After 7 years of handstand practice, I mainly gained self-confidence, and self-belief and established a more grounded daily practice than ever before.

When I step on my yoga mat, I forget about my age, my life roles or all my long 'to-do' lists spinning in my head. All that is left is do is to have fun.

You can't separate how you do your yoga on the mat and how you live your life.

For me, this handstand journey was a good reminder about the power of faith, commitment, and consistent practice. But I want to assure you that the greatest thing about yoga, is that its magic exists in your home too.

All you need to do is to get on your Yoga Mat every day.

I imagine you are now saying to yourself: ''Easy said than done? '' Am I right?

You see, it is all about mastering your mind, not so much your body.

I was thinking that one week of spending some time together, practicing yoga every morning, and learning the tools to manifest the best version of your life could be a good idea. What do you think?

Join me and Adriano for one week in September, Everyhing is Accurate and Everything is Possible. is a digital course at a special low investment to make it affordable to many as possible. If you feel like connecting with same-minded people and learning how to balance work, family, self-care, and your physical & mental health, this week can help you to get the magic work. All the info and registration is here: Everyhing is Accurate and Everything is Possible.

Today I am sending you a short video for all of you who are practicing their handstands or wish to play with their inversions. This one is one of my favorite drills, all you need is a big pilates ball. Enjoy!

I usually post on Instagram, it will be lovely to connect here:

Upcoming retreats in 2022:

Do yoga only on days you want to feel better.

Yours in Yoga,



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