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Why does it have to be so hard?

Why does it have to be so hard?’’No one prepared me that parenting would be so difficult. Most days, what I like to call lately, is a bittersweet experience. On some days more bitter than sweet.Last week was one of those times when I felt that I can’t handle it anymore. Here, I said it. Might be not very yogi of me, but this is what it is.A few days ago, we had another emotional storming moment with our kids.I can handle different hardships in my life. But sometimes a 3-year-old tantrum, a 7-year-old resisting doing his homework, or a rebelling 10 years old daughter could break my spirit.‘Why does it have to be so hard?’’You don’t need to be a parent to ask this question. I know many of us to deal with different types of difficulties. It could be work-related, relationships, health, financial, you name it!But what if we concentrate on finding a solution, instead of looking for new ways to complain?I know you can do better for yourself. I know you can heal yourself. You only need to set up your mind to it. And then, you become unstoppable.For me, it has been Yoga that reminds me and helps me to soften, listen more and judge less. And I am not talking about asana (the physical part) per se.Try spending 5 min a day with yourself in silence and see what happens:Sit comfortably and in silence.Close your eyes, and watch your breath.Now take a deep inhale and exhale slowly and fully.Observe your thoughts and your state of mind.Now check with your body- how does it feel today?And before you open your eyes, remember this:The fact that you have your sight, is a radical gift that not everyone on this planet has it.Now gently open your eyes, and be thankful.Be grateful for this moment. For the ability to see the world. For your health, your body, and everything else in your life.Next time you have these thoughts of judgments like:‘’I am not enough’’, ‘’I don’t do enough’’, ‘’Why can't I have what she has? Why don’t I have more?’’It just never ends.Instead of spinning around, again and again, take a deep breath in and a long breath out.This will help you to navigate easier. One conscious breath a day helps make better choices in your life.I believe that if we all spend some time taking care of ourselves, we would be able to relate and connect with others. Our community, partners, kids, neighbors, parents, and the universe.We would be able to do it in a deeper, more understanding, and more compassionate way.‘’Everything is given, but nothing is promised!’’This quote spoke to my heart due to all the events I have been experiencing (not all kids-related (:And I thought it would be a great theme for one of our future retreats during 2023. What do you think?My next retreat, ‘’Finding Peace’’ is the first to open the 2023 yoga retreat season. It will take place in Koh Samui, Thailand in a sanctuary resort called Samahita.Join me and Adriano, a talented healer, the funniest and the most optimistic person I know for 7 nights in Heaven. Adriano is much more than a business partner. Within a very short time, Adriano became a dearest friend that I love working with. I have been giving a lot of thought to what type of workshops I would like to lead in 2023, and it would be great to have your opinion on that:One of the most exciting things for next year is a new Teacher TrainingPlease reply to this email and let me know where would you like to join us or if there is ‘’The only way you will grow and transform is if you are willing to confront uncomfortable and difficult situations. ‘’   


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