"Rooting before Flying"

A digital course over 4 Fridays

All sessions will be recorded!

2/07, 9/07, 16/07, 23/07

09.00 am-10.15 am Greece time






This workshop is about manifestation. It’s about empowering you to move from zero to one. It’s about turning your desire into reality, embracing fears, doubts and eventually unfolding from it and breaking through.
Basically, this course is about courage and trusting yourself. Finding the courage to do what seems impossible: Standing upside-down!
You can expect to come away feeling motivated and inspired to move towards flying.
Are you in? Join us. It’s going to be fun.

Session one:
• Introduction- Courage to manifest
• Active Inversions Fundamentals- shoulders
• girdle
• Energetics, contradictions & benefits
• Understanding anatomical reality, body mechanics and the force of gravity
• Technics – learn to root before attempting flying (by building strength, awareness and by understanding the intelligence of the body’s movement)
• Start before you ready



Session two:
• What part in our bodies meant to bear its weight?
• Active Inversions Fundamentals -Hands, feet and their Dharma (purpose, role) in life.
• Understanding back muscles and their Dharma.
• Trust yourself first
• Discipline
• Technics- what excelsis a handstand/arm balances daily routine should include
• savasana.


Session three
• Active Inversions Fundamentals -abdomen muscles are more than just for sit ups.
• Where stability is coming from?
• Learn how to be playful and creative
• Attachment and Patience
• Technics- Enjoy the ride and keep trying – remember the journey and not the goal. Learn how to enjoy different drills towards being upside-down.
• What happens to our intellect when the head is lower than the heart?
• savasana


Session four
• Dancing with the force of gravity- the most intimate relationship we will ever have
• Active Inversions Fundamentals -Exploring pelvic floor and the diagram
• How feet connected to our jaw and its relationship to being upside-down
• Breath and its vital connection to inversions
• How active inversions can change our moods, perspective and self confidence
• Practicing arm balances and handstands in a safe, fun and curious attitude
• savasana

Cost 495 INS


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