Start Before you Ready

Get tools & tips how to develop and how to sustain
a self-yoga practice on daily basis.Fridays: 11.00am-12.30pm (Athens Time Zone)
April 2nd, 16th, 23rd, 30th
This 4-week online workshop is for all levels yoga practitioners who want to establish, enjoy and benefit from a daily yoga practice for a long period of time.Early Bird Registration will begin Monday, March 8th
and will close on March 15th.
This will give you a free 60 min online yoga session with Vicky.
All sessions will be recorded!!!
Weekly classes will be 90 min long, in addition you will have home work to do and some material to read!Understand the concept of living your yoga
Learn how to see spirituality in daily activities. Develop spiritual daily practices even if it is only for a short time. We will cover topics like meditation, asana, pranayama, journaling, chanting or self-study to enrich your wellness. Make it available for you anytime and anywhere.
Motivation to Begin your Practice
This workshop is about trust & motivation. It’s about empowering you to move from zero to one. It’s about understanding what is yoga practice and how can I implement in my daily routine even when I think I don’t have enough time. Basically, this course is about motivation. Finding the courage & motivation to trust yourself and do what possible.
Simple & Practical tool kit
Conversely, this workshop is not a deep dive into the physical part of yoga or anatomy studies. But, rather, our weekly gatherings will be a space where we will discuss ideas and tips of how to make it all unfold in the ‘real busy world of our lives’
Develop a yoga practice you can sustain
Thinking of it its hard, doing it, it is easy. Instead of always thinking that our practice should be that long, that intense, this perfect or other ideas you have, we will explore how all you need is your yoga mat and minimum of 10 to 20 min per day. We will go over practical and accessible variations that will help you to start your practice daily and wanting to come back again and again, day after day.You can expect to come away inspired, more knowledgeable about living your yoga and ready to start a life long journey of your spiritual path. Join us. Its going to be fun!
Cost 149 EURO