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‘Teaching With Soft Eyes’

500HR Yoga Teacher Training Course in Greece and online 

1-15/11 Greece Intensive
November 2021 - January 2022
Online and pre-recorded material
Invest in Your Career!

I am so happy to share with you that after many years of dreaming it, planning it and living it, I am finally opening a new Yoga teacher training course. This time, in Greece!


This course stands out due to the professional material prepared and taught by international teachers of the highest level. And! It is led in a small group setting of only 10 people to give you personal attention and an exceptional learning experience.


This course goes deep, so fasten your seat belts! (:


The program is based on two platforms:

  • Home and online studies

  • 2 weeks with me and a local team in Greece (full board accommodation and meals included in the cost)

We begin this October. Early bird registration will be open soon!

No matter what style of yoga you teach - this course will grow your skills in these areas:


Experiential Anatomy Course with Judith Hanson Lasater, Mary Richards and Lizzie Lasater.

This course gives you 50 hours on the certificate when you complete the course and allows you a Lifetime access to the material!

Designed by yoga teachers, for yoga teachers, this digital course trains you to read the human body in an entirely new way. It’s a concept we call movement literacy.

Let’s be honest: anatomy can be a dry and intimidating subject. That’s why this training revolves around experiential learning and as much laughter as possible.


The Practitioners Guide to the History of Yoga Philosophy

Understanding the principles of yoga philosophy and how to integrate it in our modern lives. (Will be covered in Greece and Reading material)

Living your Yoga- Covered in Greece by Local Team

Therapeutic yoga principles- Covered in Greece and Online sessions with Vicky

Asana Alignment- Safety, Stability and Ease in our and our students’ practice

Guided Meditation- Covered in Greece by Local Team and Vicky

The art of Pranayama- Covered in Greece

What we do and say matters- how to cue people & touch students- Covered in Greece and online sessions with Vicky.

How to use yoga props to receive support and comfort in our practice.

Intro to Ayurveda- will be covered in Greece and online.

How to teach Savasana- the most powerful pose.

Understanding asana through Physiology and Biomechanics.

Yoga Lifestyle / Ethics

‘The path to becoming a more skilled teacher means learning to teach people first and poses second!’

Judith H. Lasater

Working at your own pace, the yoga teacher training course includes live & online sessions, reading and homework designed to deepen your relationship with your yoga. The aim is to integrate your learning and inner transformation directly into your life.


We hope to go so much deeper with the learning experience in our bodies and in our mind. It will be amazing to spend two intensive weeks with you in Greece and studying together for a long period of time after that.

This course will include professional, long time experienced international teachers, 500 hours of studies and a lot of fun.

If this is your dream, contact me for more details ♥️ and registration.

And now, let the learning adventure begin!

Here's what happens next:

  • After you register you will receive a welcoming letter and application form

  • In addition, you will receive a bibliography list explaining to you what books you should buy and read during the course and after 

  • ​Registration Fees are 300 EURO*

Once you pay your registration fees, your spot is saved – remember that the space is limited only for 10 people!

*Registration fees are refundable up until 30 days prior to course start day. After that there is no refund.

About our location in Greece:

Located in the northern part of Attica, 32klm away from the center of Athens and 35’ away from the airport. Daily walks to the shores of Marathon lake, experiencing organic farming, enjoying gourmet food, relaxing time by the pool, are some of the time-consuming activities people here enjoy


Accommodation is based on double rooms with an in suite private bathroom and amazing sunsets views!

The cost includes:
•    Learning material mentioned above
•    14 nights’ accommodation in double rooms
•    Daily meals during 15 days
•    500HR certificate by Yoga Alliance UK

A yoga teacher training is not just a mere adventure, it is also a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

This program is designed for you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself through the ancient wisdom embodied in yoga. Participating in a TT is not easy; it requires commitment, presence, and dedication to the practice of living with integrity. But the rewards are endless! In this course we are not going to give you tips and techniques to throw people in a general yoga class. Rather, we will practice asanas, kriyas, pranayama and meditation together. We will study physical and subtle anatomy, as well as physiology and yoga philosophy. Your commitment to insight, research and self-investigation is necessary for your yoga practice to grow and evolve over time. This experience is open to anybody looking to deepen their practice and have the desire to teach yoga or simply just deepen your practice, this adventure is definitely for you!


Daniel Wolfsdorf

The TTC with Vicky came into the right moment of my life. The course gave me knowledge, experience, but above all, it gave me friends and the space I needed to find my own truth about Yoga. And I thank Vicky for creating this space for the transformation to happen.

Eyal Chen

When I enrolled in a yoga teacher training course led by Vicky, I did not really have experience and knowledge towards what I was going for but I felt I was given the opportunity for something different from what I knew. I enrolled in this course not to be a real yoga teacher but rather to deepen my practice and learn about yoga.
I did not imagine that this is one of the right decisions I have made in my life so far at least. Vicky’s leadership has contributed a lot to my personal connection and desire to teach as much as the student wants to learn.
I may not be a yoga teacher but I will definitely be a great recommender of the teacher course with Vicky.

Alessia P.

"Finding Yoga changed my life in so many ways that it's hard to put in words. I started the 500 hours TTC with Vicky a bit by chance, mainly to have the opportunity to get deeper into this world and learn things that I wouldn't have otherwise. I wasn't really planning to become a full-time yoga teacher, but now that the training is over, I look at it as one of the most beautiful things I can do in my life.

The course has been intense and needed quite a lot of commitment, but the reward in the end has been priceless; it gave me all that I was looking for, brought me closer to myself through the amazing practice of Ashtanga Yoga, which is an indescribable process. It enriched and deepened my background, classes including subjects as anatomy, philosophy, Ayurveda and Indian culture. And the trip to India in the end of the course has been nothing but magic, the perfect ending of a flawless internal and external journey.

Now that it is over, I feel deeply thankful - and a bit nostalgic already. I wish I could do it again. Thank you, Vicky!"