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This course seems to have been built exactly for me. After the birth of my son I could not return to practice yoga regularly. The course taught me to get out of the pattern I am used to, to enjoy yoga and the movement of the body, to know how to use the time to practice even when there is no time at all, and most importantly to know how to invest in myself. Highly recommend to anyone who has somewhat forgotten to invest in themselves recently ️


Vicky, darling!
Wandering around Instagram led me to your profile and even before the course I began connected with you ️
I have been practicing Vinyasa Yoga for two years but your course changed my view on how to practice yoga and really improved the technique. You inspired in me a desire to practice by myself and I do not have enough time to enjoy the things I learned from you!
I recommended your course to everyone I know, keep passing on your love to all the yogis


The course contributed greatly to me by giving me a clear framework for self-practice and motivation to practice on a daily basis. The best tip I took is that even if you think we will not be able to practice, spread out the mat that will just be laid and then really suddenly find the time to get on it to practiceThere was an emphasis on all types of postures and important areas of the body. How to start and finish a practice and in the middle how to diversify, challenge or facilitate postures and proper strengthening of the body.I recommend it to anyone who is interested in deepening their self-practice and is unable to get themselves started. You make it very easy and available and playful
Thank you Vicky for a fascinating and fun month, I really enjoyed every meeting.


Dear Vicky,
Thank you very much!!
It was an enriching online yoga course with many wonderful highlights and practical yoga tips that contributed a lot to me.
Thanks for everything,


Thank you for an accurate and precise yoga course.
I received so many new tools and interesting insights.
You are pleasant human and a very professional ️


Vicky’s course has helped me to compromise with myself, to practice even if it’s just a bit of time, it has helped me identify which parts of the body I want to work with, decompose and create a sequence for my body needs on that day. It helped me realize that we can practice indulging ourselves with the asanas we enjoy and master. I would recommend this course anyone who is looking to structure a steady self-practice, or improve their practice. Starting by setting a space to practice at home, also her advice and reading material.
The fact that I can use Vicky’s recordings to create my own sequences is been really helpful to stay focused and practice every day, its has become my self-practice inspiration.


Dear Vicky,
Thank you very much for a wonderful course! I enjoyed every meeting with you as usual and I learnt a lot from you! Insights, tips, refinements and emphases that go with me and resonate further in my both yoga practice and in life experience.


Dear Vicky,

you are a very special person and a professional yoga teacher. I enjoyed every moment in the course. I learned a lot from you and THE COURSE MAD SO MANY THINGS CLEARER AND MORE ACCESSIBLE FOR ME. I enjoyed every session and every practice. Thank you very much, I signed up for the workshop in Tel Aviv and looking forward to meet you face to face.


Dear Charming Vicky,
Although I was not able to take all Live sessions, I view them recorded and practiced all of it on my time and really enjoyed it. You are a very special being and a professional yoga teacher.
Thank you very much

 “Yoga is for internal cleansing, not external exercising. Yoga means true self-knowledge.”  
                                                                 Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

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