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Yoga Retreat With Vicky Tomsky

May 18-23, 2021, Yenice Vadi, Turkey

After a long time that many of us spent indoors, feeling discomfort, maybe experiencing anxiety and stress, I am happy to offer our first yoga retreat for 2021.

A shared place where we can take comfort in the presence of other yoga practitioners.  Imagine

 6 days of yogic movement, meditation, touring, restoration and delicious local food in a secluded valley, surrounded by tree-covered mountain paradise. Fully immerse yourself in the gifts of nature and yoga while you learn how to bring the practical gifts of this practice in all aspects of your life. 


What you get:

* Accommodation for 5 nights in the natural life village (single, double or triple)
* Daily morning yoga practice & guided meditation/pranayama
* Afternoon yoga workshops/Yoga Nidra/chanting
* Optional early morning meditation walk
* traditional Turkish breakfast
* delicious 2-course evening meal for 4 nights (one evening is free)
* Water / Teas /Coffee 
* One-day trip (we will leave after breakfast) 

* Fresh water pool facilities and pool/beach towels

* Yoga mats, straps and blocks


Not Included:

*Visa (please check if you need one)

*Flight Expenses

*Local transfers


In the morning session there will be an opportunity to explore
And experience a dynamic yoga practice
The afternoon session will set out to establish a vision of yoga
Beyond asana, introducing the idea and benefits of contemplative
Practice. We will practice a full spectrum of an intelligent body movement that will be tailored to each participant based on his ability and experience.


Restorative Yoga:
Restorative Yoga is the art of doing less while receiving more. In restorative yoga, we put the body into a variety of yoga asanas that are fully supported by yoga props, allowing the body to fully relax into the asana and letting you to be there for some time to focus on the breath. This style of Yoga practice is designed to restore health and alignment to all the organs and body systems. Restorative Yoga asanas stimulate and pacify various areas of the body inducing a deep state of relaxation.


Asana Workshops:
We will choose a few areas of asana practice to explore more deeply in a workshop setting. Examining in depth the asanas that tend to be challenging for us allows us to and explore the asana from many angles finding the necessary work and points of access. In these workshops we will break down the asanas into smaller steps, finding the work along the way and then putting the pieces back together again. Topics for these workshops could include, backbends, inversions, hip opening or arm balances to name a few.


Yoga Nidra:

We will finish each afternoon session with Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is Yoga sleep and similar to a guided meditation. Yoga Nidra induces theta brain waves, inducing a deep state of relaxation and allowing us to work on patterns that are deeply routed in our consciousness. In Yoga Nidra we choose an intention to work towards and when we do the same Yoga Nidra each day deep transformation is possible.


About Yenice Vadi

The concept of Yenice Vadi grew from a love of traditional Turkish village life.
Yenice Vadi has come to reality in a secluded valley, surrounded by tree-covered mountains, with accommodation built using traditional local materials, to include a Treehouse, stone cottages, and a log cabin, each in plenty of space, well-furnished and fully equipped.
The focal point is a stunning stone-built boutique hotel, which fits perfectly with the surrounding countryside. In order to be as close as possible to traditional Turkish village life, the valley includes organically grown vegetables, with a greenhouse to lengthen the season, and all eggs come from our own hens, who wander around the valley.  Naturally, there is also a freshwater pool, with swimming facilities. For those looking for a peaceful haven, this Natural Life Village within a Turkish valley provides the perfect escape, offering superb accommodation nestled amongst trees and mountains with easy access to the coast. 

How to reach:
Positioned within southwest Turkey, Yenice Vadi is easily accessed from both Dalaman and Bodrum airports offering flexible flight options. The journey from either airport takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes through beautiful countryside. Airport transfers can be arranged.  Yenice is the nearest village and offers local community shops and produce.  The valley is surrounded by an abundance of trees including pine, almond, olives and fruit trees, all of which attract a wonderful range of wildlife including birds, boars, squirrels,hares,tortoises and goats.  Waking up to the sound of birdsong, peaceful evenings on the verandas and exploring the amazing countryside whether on foot or by car provide the perfect sanctuary. 


About rooms facilities:

Retreat Centre Gallery:

To experience life fully we need to be present to what is happening right now. It is so simple and yet challenging. Life brings complications that can take us out of the present moment, out of a sense of gratitude for our existence and into a state of worry or regret. How do we bring ourselves back to a grounded state where we can experience what is going on in our lives, while maintaining an underlying sense of joy? It is possible to experience sadness, loss and grief, fully and completely while maintaining a sense of wonder and awe for our existence and the world around us. But we need to do the practice.


The practices of Yoga and mindfulness provide us with a practical set of tools that take us back to the present moment, to be here right now. After all, this is our life, happening now. A yoga retreat offers the perfect environment to explore these practices, and brings together a beautiful balance of Yoga and Buddhism. On this retreat we will not only explore these practices we will visit temples and local villages where we can see these practices in action and meet people whose lives are grounded in these traditions.  


Going on a retreat offers us the time and space to go deeper into our practice and ourselves. This is the time we give ourselves not only for self-care but to do self-study, to explore where we are blocked and to dive into the unknown. When we are on a retreat we have time and space to explore the patterns of behaviour that have been repeating themselves in our lives. To look at the ways we can change our behaviours to live more fully and experience more deeply. Ultimately this is a practice that takes us back out into the world, to deepen our relationships and connections to our communities.


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 “Yoga is for internal cleansing, not external exercising. Yoga means true self-knowledge.”  
                                                                 Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

©2019 by Vicky Tomsky. 

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