Trust Yourself First

Weekend Yoga Retreat with Vicky Tomsky

Beit OrenJune 17-19

Beit Oren by Selina
No doubt we are living in stressful times. Even so, we are so lucky to have the practice of yoga as a potent tool to help us cope, and maybe even thrive and grow right now, regardless of the outer world’s conditions.


This retreat will focus on the power of our practice to affect our mental, emotional, and physical health. In these 3 days we will discuss the deepest teachings of yoga, and how we can use them to build trust in ourselves first, not only but First! Through mindfulness and bodyfulness we will learn how to let go of our relentless mind and step into the present. We will acquire tools for recognizing our emotions, then naming them, and finally receiving them as messages from our unconscious mind. We will spend some sessions practicing asana so that we can embody yoga in our body and find a way to release deeply held stress and find our true selves.


There will also be restorative sessions to allow our bodies comfortable and deep relaxation where we can swim in the delicious state of doing nothing and being everything.


Above all, during the retreat we want to learn real tools to help us “live our yoga” every day, on our mat and in the world. Join us to hear, digest, and live this yoga we love so much.


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Yoga Props you need to bring with you Yoga mat, eye pillow/hand towel, bolster and 2 yoga blankets.



Thursday, 17/06

15.00 Arrival and Check-in

Calming the Nervous System - The Art and Benefits of Forward Bends
Welcoming Session and practice


20.00 Dinner
20.30 Fire & Music


Friday 18/06
08.00-8.30- The art of Breathing
08.30-10.30- Twists and back bends- anatomy, asana and energetics


Breakfast and Free time
16.00-18.00- Restorative Yoga
18.30-20.00 Meditation & Sound Healing
20.00 Shabbat Dinner


Saturday 19/06
08.00-8.30- The art of Breathing
08.30-10.30- The magic of Inversions, its benefits, contraindications and techniques. We will learn how to do handstands, Headstands and Shoulder Stands in a healthy and comfortable way.

10.30 Breakfast and Check-out