As a senior practitioner and teacher to the teachers, I believe deeply that yoga is a personal space of exploration into the infinite opportunities made available to us each.

My focus is on channeling knowledge and insight that enables others to set off on a journey of discovery, recovery, and renewal. Yoga creates us from the inside, building the best versions of who we can be.

My personal path led me to unify diverse therapeutic modalities, integrating science into the traditional yoga practice by grounding it in kinesiology and anatomy. This forges an empowering framework for teachers, where we can reconnect with the authentic core of yoga and find refuge in our own self-practice.

A lengthy rehabilitation process has also given me profound insight into the gift of healing. By unleashing the power of the body’s consciousness through yoga, we can all regenerate and restore our wellbeing, the ultimate natural state.


This is the light of yoga, transcending time and space through a chain of teachers to reach us today so that we can truly engage our own students and spark their flame.


Teaching yoga means imprinting an active experience on the student’s body, mind, and soul.

It begins on the mat, and then flows on endlessly, aligning the student’s yoga vitality with their reality.

This is how I help practitioners turn yoga into life.


Together, we ignite infinite possibilities for transformation.



"I practice yoga to express what words cannot"

Today I specialize in restorative yoga, having experienced its magic in reviving the inner harmony that is so easily lost in our fast-paced world.

Restorative yoga moves to amplify the organic regenerative force we each have from within, unlocking the gateway to health, joy, and meaningful life.

Vicky Yoga Position

I am a certified senior yoga teacher since 2007 and a teacher to the teachers for almost a decade, trained by renowned yoga practitioners across the globe, including Canada, Thailand, India, Israel, and the USA.

My passion has driven me to pioneer international retreats tailored to professionals, including the first-ever intensive and immersive two-week retreat in India concluding a one-year teacher’s training program which I led for several years.

Currently based in Greece, I run workshops focused on knowledge alongside practice, while also teaching across Europe and in Israel, where I operated a leading yoga studio with a staff of 20 teachers.


This course seems to have been built exactly for me. After the birth of my son, I could not return to practice yoga regularly. The course taught me to get out of the pattern I am used to, to enjoy yoga and the movement of the body, to know how to use the time to practice even when there is no time at all, and most importantly to know how to invest in myself.

Highly recommend it to anyone who has somewhat forgotten to invest in themselves recently.