Beginners Course for Home Yoga Practice 

This course could be the missing puzzle in your yoga life (:

One of the most beautiful and liberating aspects of yoga is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or a designated place to practice. Yoga is accessible. The practice meets you where you are - as long as you are willing to approach it.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to make it into a studio for class, and many of us may be stuck in our homes looking for the best way to practice. Taking a home yoga practice course and committing to it is a profound tool for deepening your own personal relationship with yoga.

As a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga primarily, I love the self-led nature of a Mysore practice within a group environment. But it is not possible for me at this time to practice in a shala setting consistently, so here are some tools that have helped me in my home practice of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga.


A Mysore style class is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga Yoga. It is self-practice with the teacher’s assistance. This allows for much more personalized instruction and personalized practice. These classes are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners, and are especially useful if you want to develop a self-practice.

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Week 1: 3 practices a week with Vicky

Week 2: 2 practices a week with Vicky, 1 self practice

Week 3: 3 practices a week with Vicky

Week 4: 2 practices a week with Vicky


Themes to be covered during the course:​

  •      How to build your own home yoga practice:

  •      How to make yourself actually do it;

  •      What to do once you commit to start

  •      How to find the time

  •      How to prevent injuries

  •      Understanding the benefits of establishing a regular (meaning you do it more days than you don’t) home yoga practice

  •      You will receive a guideline of sequences for different slots of practice times (30 min, 1 hour etc)

  •      Basic pranayama exercises (breath regulation)

  •      You will have H.W (: of self practice at home

  •      15 min One on One Q&A with Vicky

"Yoga gives special attention to developing one's inherent power of adaptation and adjustment"

                                  Swami Kuvalayananda, Yogic Therapy 1963

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."                         Lao Tzu

Keep in mind that your commitment can take on a life of its own—that a deeper part of yourself yearns for the connection that a regular home practice can provide. I know about this firsthand: those seeds my teacher first planted 16 years ago began sprouting on their own, despite my initial resistance.

I'm utterly convinced of the power of home practice--not because it's something I should do, but because it helps me listen to what's happening in my mind and body.

As a teacher trainee, I was required to practice at home several days a week and to journal about it. That indoctrination came in handy a few years later when I had my first baby girl and regular classes were no longer a possibility. I’ve been practicing on my own now for over a decade now. And it gives me what my being needs to attain something akin to balance. It helps me notice, process, and release the inevitable physical and emotional kinks that build up during the course of daily living. I can’t imagine what kind of human, mother, partner, daughter, or therapist I’d be without it.

While practicing yoga at home sounds easy enough in theory, even experienced practitioners can be uncertain about which poses to choose and how to put them together. Sequencing—which poses you practiced and in what order—is one of the most nuanced and powerful tools that experienced teachers have at their disposal for teaching unique, transformative classes, and there are many ways of approaching sequencing in contemporary Hatha yoga. Mastering the refined art of sequencing takes years of study, but you can learn some basic building blocks that will allow you to put together sequences of your own and to approach your home practice with confidence.

My aim is to hold space for you to learn through your own experiences, transform from practice to practice and deepen your journey in a non-dogmatic and friendly environment.

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Learn how to build your own yoga practice anywhere and at any given time.

We begin MONDAY, January the 4th!

One month online course in the comfort of your home


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 08-9 am or 8 pm Greece Time

Click the button below to email me to get registered for this beginner yoga course.

 “Yoga is for internal cleansing, not external exercising. Yoga means true self-knowledge.”  
                                                                 Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

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