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"Yoga is Magic, but It Doesn't Work if You Don't Do It."

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Teacher to The Teachers 

Teaching yoga means imprinting an active experience on the student’s body, mind, and soul.

It begins on the mat, and then flows on endlessly, aligning the student’s yoga vitality with their reality.

This is how I help practitioners turn yoga into life.


Together, we ignite infinite possibilities for transformation.

Join us for Paros Retreat this summer!

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Expand your understanding through direct, first-hand experience in both theory and practice.


Teacher Training

Join the Restorative Teacher Training Course to deepen your knowledge and teaching skills with effective restorative yoga modalities.



Go deeper into yourself, by retreating away from everyday life and into the spirit of life, so you can treat yourself to a new perspective that re-sparks your intention.


Private Sessions

Schedule a yoga, ayurveda, or mentoring session one-on-one with Vicky Tomsky, and gain the special support that you need for boosting your personal and professional life.

Connect With Me

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