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Vicky's Online Studio

Build A Regular Yoga Practice, One Breath At A Time

Learn how to practice yoga at your pace, anywhere, and at any given time. The material includes 10 visual recorded sessions and reading material.

Build A Regular Yoga Practice, One Breath At A Time
Build A Regular Yoga Practice, One Breath At A Time

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Available Online 24/7

Vicky's Online Studio

Everything You Need to Know

Get tools & tips on how to develop and how sustain a self-yoga practice on daily basis.

This 10 yoga lessons digital course with Vicky Tomsky is for all levels of yoga practitioners who want to establish, enjoy and benefit from a daily yoga practice for a long period of time.

Themes covered:

  • Different sequences for your self-practice (length, intensity, or level-wise)
  • How to actually do it and not only talk about it
  • How to sustain self-practice for a long period of time
  • How to make space and time in your life for yoga practice
  • Learn the right physiological alignment and avoid injuries
  • Basic pranayama exercises (The art of breath regulation)
  • Living your yoga off and on the yoga mat
  • Savasana

This is a 10 session (60 min each) course that includes recorded material and a kit full of practical, inspirational, and easy to manifest tools and steps.

Cost: 159 EUR

All sessions are recorded and yours to keep!

After registration, Vicky will contact you (please allow up to 24 hours) with a link to the course's lessons.

Purchase this course during May 2022 and receive a free 60 min online private session with Vicky Tomsky.

Important to Know: The course is in Hebrew.

If you have more questions, you can always CONTACT VICKY by WhatsApp

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