Location is everything.

For my Workshops and my Retreats, I choose the locations with extra attention to details.

When practicing yoga, peace and quiet are a must for a prosperous experience. This is why my retreats locations are usually close to quiet isolated beaches, and my Workshops are located at the most welcoming spaces for an optimal experience.


"Do not seek perfection, look for pleasure in action"


Evia Silence

At the picturesque bay “Porto Buffalo” in south-central Evia, there you can find the boutique hotel “Evia Silence”. Built at the edge of a hill only ten meters from the beach, it has 10 rooms (double/triple), a lounge bar/restaurant, as well as an air-conditioned yoga room with an enchanting view of the sea.

The “Io” Yoga Room holds a view of both the sea and the mountain. It has a firewood floor and ceiling, painted with ecological paint, in line with the ancient Greek techniques.


Evia Silence is just two and a half hours from Athens international airport, tucked away in the mountains of Greece’s beautiful Evia Island (Greece’s second-largest island) overlooking the Porto Buffalo Bay coastline and the crystal clear Euboean sea.


Goa Wellness Retreat

Housing 3,000 square metres of the beauty that is North Goa, lies Nalanda Retreat situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea. A spiritual haven where people from all over the world, spanning from beginners to expert yogis can come and bask in all that Nalanda has to offer. 

The word Nalanda, which in Sanskrit means Giver of Knowledge, defines the purpose of this yoga canter. Built to be a place of growth and healing, it is the perfect sanctuary away from the modern world where one is able to fully embrace what it means to live a holistic lifestyle. Our natural stone-built pools and ambient gardens that span the property are just a few of the features that make Nalanda feel like a place of deep relaxation, where anyone can feel free to unwind and come into themselves. It is not hard to find yourself practicing the art of living in the present moment here. 


JustBarrett offers the modern traveler the opportunity to experience rural Greece in a luxurious yet simple setting. Enjoy the comfort of the renovated agricultural stone cottages that used to be occupied by the employees of the family estate as early as the 19th century. Wake up to a healthy breakfast of local products served in the renovated stables. And, take a stroll through our centenarian olive trees leading to a beautiful private bay with magnificent views of the North Euboean Gulf.

The 20,000 square meter olive grove and the surrounding areas are completely flat and ideal for cycling or walking regardless of age or physical condition.

JustBarrett is located in the northern part of Evia, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, surprisingly reveals its beautiful shores by following a path of pine slopes. Pefki, Rovies, and Agia Anna are some of the beaches with a unique combination of mountain and sea. Just 2.5 hours from Athens, one encounters one of the most beautiful seaside villages of Evia, Rovies. Among the mountains with pine trees and vast areas of olive trees, one can enjoy a relaxing and carefree holiday, enjoy the clean sea, wander in nature, and discover other picturesque villages of Evia.