Location is everything.

For my Workshops and my Retreats, I choose the locations with extra attention to details.

When practicing yoga, peace and quiet are a must for a prosperous experience. This is why my retreats locations are usually close to quiet isolated beaches, and my Workshops are located at the most welcoming spaces for an optimal experience.


"Do not seek perfection, look for pleasure in action"

Samahita, Thailand

One of the world's best-known retreats among yoga aficionados, Samahita Retreat is for those serious about improving their postures and techniques with a signature programme that combines yoga and fitness. YogaCoreCycle is an all-inclusive yoga and fitness holiday option that also includes accommodation, food, yoga, fitness, core and cardio, meditation and breathwork – all directly on the beach. This programme includes three main components: Yoga, which ranges from breathing practices to dynamic asana classes; Core for functional fitness, core and strength work with TRXs, Bosu and stability balls; as well as cardio-heavy Cycle classes.




Shaharut (Hebrew: שַׁחֲרוּת) is a communal settlement 40 kilometers north of Eilat, in the Southern District of Israel , and 6 kilometers west of Yotvata on a ridge above the Arava Valley in the far south of Israel. The word “Shaharut” means “youth”, as in Ecclesiastes chapter 11. It is the only settlement in the area that is not in the valley itself. It belongs to the Hevel Eilot Regional Council. It was founded in 1985 and is named after the nearby Shaharut Mountain.  

Evia Silence

At the picturesque bay “Porto Buffalo” in south-central Evia, there you can find the boutique hotel “Evia Silence”. Built at the edge of a hill only ten meters from the beach, it has 10 rooms (double/triple), a lounge bar/restaurant, as well as an air-conditioned yoga room with an enchanting view of the sea.

The “Io” Yoga Room holds a view of both the sea and the mountain. It has a firewood floor and ceiling, painted with ecological paint, in line with the ancient Greek techniques.


Evia Silence is just two and a half hours from Athens international airport, tucked away in the mountains of Greece’s beautiful Evia Island (Greece’s second-largest island) overlooking the Porto Buffalo Bay coastline and the crystal clear Euboean sea.

Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum (Arabic: وادي رم  Wādī Ramm, also Wādī al-Ramm), known also as the Valley of the Moon, is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan 60 km (37 mi) to the east of Aqaba; it is the largest wadi in Jordan.

Wadi Rum or Wadi Ramm is believed to get its name from the early name of Iram of the Pillars ( also called "Irum (Arabic: إرم)" ), a lost city mentioned in the Quran.


Wadi Rum has been inhabited by many human cultures since prehistoric times, with many cultures–including the Nabataeans–leaving their mark in the form of petroglyphs, inscriptions, and temples.


Wadi Rum is one of Jordan's most popular tourist sites and attracts a large number of tourists from around the world. Wadi Rum is home to the Zalabieh tribe, who developed eco-adventure tourism and services throughout the protected area. They provide tours, guides, accommodation, and facilities. They also run restaurants and small shops in the villages that provide meals and basic supplies for visitors. Their guide services include highly experienced mountain and trekking guides who have an unmatched knowledge of the local area and often speak fluently in two languages or more. Using local guides and services brings many benefits to the protected area. In particular, it enables people to continue earning a living from the land and helps to ensure that the protected area remains protected.

Popular activities in the desert environment include 4x4 tours, camel rides, camping under the stars,