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Location is everything.

For my Workshops and my Retreats, I choose the locations with extra attention to details.

When practicing yoga, peace and quiet are a must for a prosperous experience. This is why my retreats locations are usually close to quiet isolated beaches, and my Workshops are located at the most welcoming spaces for an optimal experience.


"Do not seek perfection, look for pleasure in action"

Samahita, Thailand

One of the world's best-known retreats among yoga aficionados, Samahita Retreat is for those serious about improving their postures and techniques with a signature programme that combines yoga and fitness. YogaCoreCycle is an all-inclusive yoga and fitness holiday option that also includes accommodation, food, yoga, fitness, core and cardio, meditation and breathwork – all directly on the beach. This programme includes three main components: Yoga, which ranges from breathing practices to dynamic asana classes; Core for functional fitness, core and strength work with TRXs, Bosu and stability balls; as well as cardio-heavy Cycle classes.

Evia Silence

Athens, Greece

Contact Vicky Directly to schedule a private session, join her weekly classes or to check with her when is her next urban Yoga & Ayurvedic Workshop in Athens.