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Wellness & Yoga Retreats

Filmed by Matan Kats

"Refuge is not a location, but an intention"
-Judith H. Lasater

A retreat is an intention, rather than a location. But, how do we create this spaciousness experience in our daily lives?

First, we may need to get away to sense the freedom, the inner peace, and embody a relaxation. Then, gradually, we can learn to invite this awareness whenever and wherever we need it.

A yoga retreat is about retreating deeper into yourself, away from everyday life and into the spirit of life, so you can treat yourself to a new perspective that re-sparks your intention.

Set off to this perfect place where you can reconnect and let the wisdom resurface, surrounded by the beauty of nature, inspired by like-minded people, and empowered by a healthy lifestyle with an enriching yoga program.

It's the ultimate gift for enjoying the pleasure of immersing yourself in healing entirely, body and soul. Our yoga and wellness retreats bring you closer to your true self


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