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Sat, Oct 29



Breathe! Yoga & Wim Hof Workshop with Vicky Tomsky and Zhenia Cool

In times of great uncertainty and extremely fast pace world, choosing a holistic approach to mental health, wellbeing and performance is the optimal way for a balanced and happy longevity.

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Breathe! Yoga & Wim Hof Workshop with Vicky Tomsky and Zhenia Cool
Breathe! Yoga & Wim Hof Workshop with Vicky Tomsky and Zhenia Cool

When & Where

Oct 29, 2022, 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Herzliya, HaRav Kook St 59, Herzliya, 4650302, Israel

Everything You Need to Know

Breathe! Yoga & Wim Hof Workshop with Vicky Tomsky and Zhenia Kulyavtsev A.K.A Zhenia.Cool

This workshop is about:

*Gaining awareness on how to become a receptive vessel for the breath rather than relying on the mind alone to control your inhalations and exhalations.

*Practicing Poses to allow your ribs, spine, and lungs to move with ease

*Learning Techniques that teach you to be with the energy and sensation of breath

*Understanding how merging your breath and consciousness can be a tool for self-discovery.

*Creating space for freedom and movement in the body.

Through the practice of asana and pranayama we will learn how to become a container to allow the breath to find us.

                                                                   ''BECOME A VESSEL OF THE HEALTH''

To finish our asana practice, we will enjoy a luxurious supported deep relaxation pose.

When we prop ourselves with bolsters and blankets, we allow our bodies to go deeper into the relaxation mode. Supported in a warm, comfortable position, the body learns how to let go and the mind follows.

This is a a rare opportunity to feel at home in our bodies, connecting to our breath and our true selves.

Join us to explore in depth the physiology of breathing through yoga and Wim Hof Method.

About Vicky:

About Zhenia:

Zhenia Kulyavtsev A.K.A Zhenia.Cool is a life coach, breathwork expert and a Wim Hof method instructor - for years Zhenia has been collecting and teaching the most effective techniques to overcome your mental and physical blocks and to awaken your inner power.

About Wim Hof Method:

The Wim Hof method is a natural method to open the body's inner potential by using the method’s three pillars - Breath, Mindset and Cold Exposure.

Breath - Breathwork by the Wim Hof Method will Normalize the work of the nervous and endocrine system giving the body the it needs to become strong, healthy and focused.

Mindset - The correct mindset is the key to success in all aspects of life and the method encourages to adapt a Can-Do mindset and mental preparation.

Cold Exposure - The Cold is a harsh teacher that helps the body overcome most physical and mental problems. The method will give you the tools to use cold exposure.

The combination of the three pillars has been proven scientifically, to be one of the most powerful techniques out there to live a strong, happy and healthy life.


10:00 gathering circle: To influence the mind we need to go through the body

10:30 Pranayama - Vicky

11.00 Breath focused guided yoga flow followed by a delicious savasana (deep relaxation pose)- Vicky

12.30 Break

12.45 Wim Hof breathing – Zhenia

13:15 Ice bath - Zhenia


Early Bird until October 1st:400 INS

Late Bird after October 1st: 450 INS

This workshop is limited to 20 people. 

Please save your spot to make sure you can participate. 


Have questions?

We are here at:


Zhenia : 

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