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Vicky's Online Studio

Dancing With the Core - A Digital Course With Vicky Tomsky

A 2 lessons Digital Course - Essentials of Core Understanding and Strengthening for Yoga Practitioners & Yoga Teachers

Dancing With the Core - A Digital Course With Vicky Tomsky
Dancing With the Core - A Digital Course With Vicky Tomsky

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Available Online 24/7

Vicky's Online Studio

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No matter what style of yoga you practice or teach or even if you don’t practice yoga - this course will enrich your anatomy understanding and grow your skills in moving from your core. Dancing With the Core provides a fresh look at the abdominal muscles.

The exercises integrate abdominal awareness into yoga poses and range from very gentle, which are appropriate for postpartum mothers, to challenging enough for advanced yoga practitioners.

This course is built as a guide that introduces you to muscles that you never knew you had and to new ways of using them. This course is very practical and compassionate for everyday use.

This is a 2-session (90 min each) course that includes recorded material. PDF reading and plenty of mind-opening educational and practical information.

Cost: 89 EUR

All sessions are recorded and yours to keep!

After registration, Vicky will contact you (please allow up to 24 hours) with a link to the course's lessons.

Purchase this course during May 2022 and receive a free 60 min online private session with Vicky Tomsky.

Important to Know: The course is in Hebrew.

If you have more questions, you can always CONTACT VICKY by WhatsApp

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