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Vicky's Online Studio

‘Rooting Before Flying’ with Vicky Tomsky

A 9 lessons Digital Course of manifestation - empowering you to move from zero to one.

‘Rooting Before Flying’ with Vicky Tomsky
‘Rooting Before Flying’ with Vicky Tomsky

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Available Online 24/7

Vicky's Online Studio

Everything You Need to Know

‘Rooting Before Flying’ is about turning your desire into reality, embracing fears, and doubts, and eventually unfolding from them and breaking through. Basically, this course is about courage and trusting yourself. Finding the courage to do what seems impossible: Standing upside-down!

SPECIAL PRICE of €129.00

Themes covered:

  • Introduction- Courage to manifest
  • Active Inversions Fundamentals- shoulders girdle
  • Scapula is the root of this joint
  • Energetics, contradictions & benefits
  • Understanding anatomical reality, body mechanics, and the force of gravity
  • Technics – learn to root before attempting flying (by building strength, awareness, and by understanding of the intelligence of the body’s movement)
  • Stop before you start and start before you ready
  • Savasana

All sessions are recorded and yours to keep!

Purchase this course during May 2022 and receive a free 60 min online private session with Vicky Tomsky.

Important to Know: The course is in Hebrew.

SPECIAL PRICE of €129.00

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