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Sat, Sep 28



The Power of Relaxation and Wisdom of Ayurveda for Balanced Living with Vicky Tomsky

The shift from external to internal focus is not just the key to health (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) but it is also the key to un-complicating our lives.

The Power of Relaxation and Wisdom of Ayurveda for Balanced Living with Vicky Tomsky
The Power of Relaxation and Wisdom of Ayurveda for Balanced Living with Vicky Tomsky

When & Where

Sep 28, 2024, 9:00 AM – Sep 29, 2024, 1:00 PM

Frascati, Via di Colle Pizzuto, 81e, 00044 Frascati RM, Italy

Everything You Need to Know

Restorative yoga is about allowing yourself to do less, slowing down, and resting with your eyes closed.

Restorative Yoga is about down-regulating your nervous system, rushing nowhere. It is like a sweet vacation, without the stress of traveling.

Slowing down is about creating space in your day and in your heart.

Restorative yoga helps us tune in to our interoception, which is the ability to be aware of internal, often subtle, sensations in the body (ex: heart rate and temperature) and emotions. Studies have shown that people who struggle with interoception find it difficult to regulate their emotions, so it’s a skill worth learning.

Ayurveda is Yoga’s sister (: they complement & support each other.

Both traditions were born in India, thousands of years ago.

And they are relevant today to our hectic, social-media-driven, exhausted lives more than ever before.

Together, we will discover the fundamentals of this holistic healing system and comprehend how it can elevate your body, mind, and spirit to high levels of wellness. Together with Restorative yoga and Ayurveda, you will create a resilient spirit. Resilience is the true health. You will learn simple practices to restore your nervous system and reduce your stress levels.

This workshop offers practical and powerful techniques you could use in less than 30 minutes a day, to completely restore your sense of being 'well rested' and well nourished. 

By the time we say goodbye, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to kick-start your journey towards self-healing, unlocking the true potential of Restorative Yoga & Ayurveda to transform your life.

Give yourself permission to break free from the routines that dull your senses, and rediscover the magic of Restorative Yoga & Ayurvedic medicine.

Join us to learn how to recover from exhaustion with somatic self-care and Ayurvedic wisom.


Saturday 28th

09.00am -1pm

Sunday 29th



Early Bird- Until July 31st

2 days - 199 euros

1 day - 119 euros

Late Bird- After July 31st

2 days - 249 euros

1 day-  159 euros

When? September 28-29 


Frascati (Rome) 00044, via di colle pizzuto 81/e

Who can attend?

This workshop is for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, and civilians (: who are craving for a healthy lifestyle.

For more details and registration please email Cristina at: 

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