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This is a digital course


A recorded Webinar

Unpack Kinesiology

Knowledge of kinesiology is immensely useful for those of us who teach and practice asana, especially when offering modifications, since people come in all shapes and sizes.

Unpack Kinesiology
Unpack Kinesiology

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This is a digital course

A recorded Webinar

Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know

Elevate Your Practice - Unpack Kinesiology Workshop for All Levels

A 4-session immersion to help you understand how the body moves in life and improve your yoga practice and teachings

This course is about elevating and reinforcing your knowledge about body literacy & beyond.

 In yoga school, we usually learn a lot about anatomy, and how the body is built, but rarely do we have enough teachings of kinesiology, how the body is designed to move. 

Knowledge of kinesiology is immensely useful for those of us who teach and practice asana, especially when offering modifications since people come in all shapes and sizes.

From the foundation of how the body moves naturally, we can offer anatomically correct and functional movement instructions, offer safe and effective assistance to our students, and place props to support the body properly in asana.

This course is about sharing practical science facts that support you through specific yoga postures and demystify them.

Let’s be honest, yoga traditionally was taught by men to men, for a long time.

But what happens when we transplant this ancient practice into the West, practiced mainly by women? We will cover anatomy facts as well to understand clearly the anatomical difference between female and male bodies and their needs on the yoga mat.

In each session, we will unpack an essential yoga pose, deconstruct its intention, understand how the body naturally moves, and how we should practice without pain, stress, or discomfort. You will learn how to respect skeletal proportions in asana and its intelligence.

Join Vicky Tomsky, who has been teaching for 15 years, for learning body proportions & movement as they apply to alignment.

Unpack kinesiology & transform your way of practicing or teaching yoga with this fundamental course.

We will cover the following pillars:

1. Anatomy Awareness

2. Alignment

3. Injury Prevention

4. Enhanced Performance

5. Adaptation

6. Functional Movement

7. Kinesiology as an Educational Tool

In essence, kinesiology forms the foundation upon which safe, effective, and beneficial yoga and pilates practices are built. It empowers teachers to guide their students with confidence and ensures that practitioners can enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of these disciplines while minimizing the risk of injury.

Who is it for?

Yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, pilates teachers, bodyworkers, massage therapists- and anyone who is curious to learn more about kinesiology.

All sessions are recorded. 

Once you make th apyment the recordings are emailed to you.

Learn how to teach people and not poses!

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