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Becoming Friends with the Present Moment

What if, instead of fighting with what is happening to me right now, I can try to companion with it?

During our wild, unorganized, family Greek-style camping for 4 days, I kept asking myself this question countless times.

What if instead of losing it over and over again when trying to deal with a toddler's tantrum, while kids fighting in the car during a long drive or other endless similar occasions, I can ask myself to become friends with the present moment?

This new habit of mine is teaching me that it doesn't necessarily change the circumstances, but it will definitely shift my reaction to it. And this, by itself, makes a difference in my perception of the situation and how I deal with it.

The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.

Abraham Hicks

These days dealing with uncomfortable situations such as no organised toilet (:, self catering, summer heat, & being together all 5 of us for 24/7 gave me a lot of food for thought. Especially, how precious is self care and how rarely we truly give ourselves time to rest, to grow, to transform, to listen to our own sweet hearts. We tend to dive into the business, the doing, the achieving and we forget to pause, to appreciate the little things, to explore, to play and being present.

Being completely isolated, without internet, no driving, no rushing in between these green mountains and clear turquoise waters made my soul happy.

But how little time did I really had to observe this nature's beauty, its silence, or to have enough time to be with myself or just with my partner in between the trillion tasks that we had to deal with during these 4 days?

Litterly non, The thought of ''This is too much, it's too hot, why can't they just play without arguing?, when can I sleep in my bed and have my bathroom?. And, and, and''.

So whenever I had this rush to escape, or a feeling of agitation, anger, or impatience, I kept whispering to myself:

Dont Fight it, become friends with it.

Tomorrow we are leaving for another adventure, this time no tents!

My deepest desire right now is ''kids club'' please (:

Before I go, I wanted to remind you that the early bird registration for our Sankalpa Wellness Retreat with Vicky Tomsky and Adriano Jauvel ends on August 30th.

This will be 10 days full of self-care, devoted to you! My body, soul and mind crave it so much these months. I really can't wait to be in Goa and share this experience with you!

Book your spot before September 1st and receive the following:

  • 100 euro discount

  • 60 min Ayurvedic Massage during the retreat

  • An online 60 min private session with me

  • An online 60 min private session with Adriano

This week's video is about Shoulder Stand, the Queen pose, Salamba Sarvangasana.

I usually post on Instagram, it will be lovely to connect here:

Retreats in 2022:

Some uncomfortable situations make us grow. But it doesn't mean we need to feel pain or suffer. Understanding this creates an environment where we can learn our limits and enjoy the growth process.

Sending you love across the skies.



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