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Freedom is My Identity

It used to be easier to be spontaneous, pack, and be on the go. I traveled to many places in my 20s and my 30s and lived in different continents for a while (Japan and Canada are two of them (😊

I learned scuba diving in Utila, Spanish in Guatemala, and how to dance using my hips in Costa Rica. In Thailand, I fell in love with Thailand and Laos was the best culinary experience while in Vietnam I accidentally ate a small piece of a frog mistaking it for a chicken ):

In Amsterdam, the Universe taught me the meaning of a broken heart, and in Canada, I met depression for the first time in my life, and this is how Yoga found me.

Not that long ago, I could pack overnight and be on the plane to a new city, meeting new people, and cultures and feeling free and wild. It was necessary for my nervous system.

 A photo from my trip to Mysore, India, in 2016 with my students and my daughter Danny, 4 years old back then.

Traveling gave me a new sensation of complete freedom, curiosity, playfulness, and true contentment. The sensation of freedom was my identity. It enabled my fullest expression of self. Or so I thought. But like all things, identity is not fixed, nor should it be. It’s a composite of varying elements. The formula changes depending on the challenges, joys, and responsibilities that you discover and carry with you as you grow.

I don’t travel as much as I wanted, especially for myself. But I find this freedom I need in my yoga practice, in the silent sitting on the meditation cushion or when I move listening to my breath, or when I lie on a bolster during savasana watching myself thinking.

I am still very passionate about reaching new places, and Australia, California, Bali, Antartika, & Africa are on my list (:


YouTube Video: Step by Step to understand & practice Nauli Kriya

Yoga taught me and still does, in many of her ways, how to embrace change and keep finding the freedom in myself. Easily said, hard to do. Right?

But this is what drives me to find a new identity with every decade I am living. Embracing the evolution of myself, Again and Again. I attempt to live the mantra: fly, don’t fight, fail, rise again, and become free from all the unnecessary.

And every day I try again, abrasing the freedom in every possible way.

Where do you find freedom?

Is it your daily walk? Singing in the shower? Cooking? Playing tennis? Artwork? Dancing?


Let me know, I am here and listening.

Upcoming Events:

I hope to see you at least in one of them (:

Sthira Sukham Asanam A day workshop in Sattva Studio, Israel Saturday, April 13, 12.00-15.00

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Paros Island Yoga Vacation The Ebbs and Flows of Life, Yoga Retreat

10 July – 14 July 2024

Tao’s Center, Paros, Greece

April 8-12, 2024 Ella Yoga, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Mastering the Art of Healthy Sitting Is available in person or online and it is designed for companies and individuals.

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A body that is fully present, makes the best decisions.''


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If no one told you this today, I want you to know that you deserve to feel free and to find your freedom in things that help you spread your wings and fly.

I believe in You!


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