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During my stay in London where I was assisting my teacher, Judith H. Lasater, I was listening to Mel Robbins’ podcast, the episode called ‘’5 easy steps to make your home and your mind clutter-free’’

It blew my mind! Because I loved the approach and the connection between your house situation (organized vs messy) and the state of your mind (spinning or settled)

Here is a short video on How to Twist from your organs using a yoga bolster. This is a juicy twist that will create more space for your digestion, elimination, and fertility organs

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What is your relationship with organizing your working space? Your home or your room? How does your car look and smells like? (:

When we live or work in a clean, clutter-free space, it relaxes our nervous system. This way, your brain can fully and effectively concentrate and engage with an important task at hand, without being distracted physiologically and energetically.

It doesn’t mean that you need to tidy up the whole apartment including washing the dishes before you go to your yoga practice. Just do it after (:

Remember: Yoga first, because this will set up your intention for the rest of your day and will help you to deal with your internal and external mess with more compassion and motivation.

We will always have excuses why not doing our exercise.

Resisting all these destructions by doing it anyways, is our way to create a clutter-free physical, emotional, and mental being.

And now I am off to pack for our long weekend camping on Evia Island.

But, before I go, here is your Home Work (:

Look at your calendar for the next 3 weeks and see what event/thing you can cancel to create more space in your life. This is one easy step to start building a clutter-free life!

Email me and let me know how did it feel to do it.

This week's book recommendation:

‘’When life is moving at a breakneck pace or when at times we’re confronted with almost unreasonable demands clogging up our calendars, it can seem as if we have no time left to simply do nothing. In the fast-paced world of instant messaging and television without commercials we have forgotten the value of waiting. We don't know that there is a value in waiting. In doing nothing. Being still. But I believe it is the only way to truly know who God is. I need to know him. I need a reason to get up in the morning. I am on a quest, but I don't want to go alone. Will you come with me?’’

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