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''How We Live is How We Die''

While I was in India, many people commented on the photos I posted on my Instagram account saying that everything looked like heaven, that I am shining from happiness, full of love, and that it felt like we are enjoying every moment. All this time, I was constantly saying to myself: ‘'I am in heaven! Thank you, Universe, for bringing me here, I am in heaven!!!'’

I guess that the photos succeeded in unveiling the truth about how dreamy the Sankalpa retreat was. We had an amazing experience together, 12 people, 10 days, one mother India!

During these 10 days, while teaching, absorbing beach life, the warmth of the sun, local fruits and so much abundance of happiness, tears, love, freedom, and self-exploration, I kept thinking about this quote:

‘’ How we live is how we die’’

A yoga and healing retreat is a self-care getaway, it is all about allowing yourself free time, doing things you love, remembering who you really are, and being still and becoming open to the present. This kind of retreat is the most radical gift we can give ourselves.

Please join us next time to feel it yourself.

Early bird Registration already began! Finding Peace, 9 days Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand

February 18-25

Today’s video is about Kappalabhati Breathing.

It is more of a cleansing Technique, very suitable for wintertime. It is in Hebrew, but if you want to know more about it, reply here and I will send you an English version.

Please find below some testimonials from Sankalpa's Retreat in Goa.

"Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.” Buddha

Most days I post on my Instagram page, please follow there to connect.

Thank you for being here.

Reply here with any questions or requests, I am listening:

What people say about our retreats:

The combined energy that Vicky and Adriano have together is unbeatable! This retreat has been the most soul-nourishing, educational and inspiring experience and what an unbeatable location just to add to the whole thing. The lessons were well planned out and adaptable to suit each person’s needs. It gave enough free time to do as you please during the days which was great, and the lessons were always the perfect amount of time. This was my first retreat and I’m so happy it was with Adriano and Vicky, really fantastic experience with them.


Dear Vicky and Adriano,

Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

Thanks for the professional guidance. Thanks to you, Vicky, that you helped me understand what yoga practice is without pain, practice from comfort. I discovered the strengths that lie within me.

Thanks to you, Adriano, I dived into myself and discovered that there are treasures within me.

Thanks to India, which is amazing in its beauty and taste, for the delicious food, the pampering resort.

Thank you universe for introducing me to you.

Wishing you and us, more and more retreats like this. This is exactly what people need right now.

Looking forward to the next retreat.



Beloved Vicky and Adriano!!

It is difficult to sum up in words the amazing and exciting journey we went through together.

Accurate is the word.

The amazing energy you bring with you, your lightness, professionalism and love for what you do is felt every second.

The combination with the amazing India, the endless sea, the softening yoga and the exciting healing created a harmonious and unique experience.

Thank you for the sensitivity, thank you for the accessibility, thank you for the endless laughs until your stomach hurts, thank you for the liberating cry.

Thank you for rare human connections, thank you for the confidence and openness you inspire

Already waiting for the next time. Love,


On a personal note for a moment and as someone who is sceptical and problematic about it, you really really impressed me in the private session, I really liked your approach to people like me (problems) I took things from you for life and the truth is that after the session I feel really liberated physically.

So thank you for changing my mind and helping me even a little!

I really enjoyed being a part of the retreat and having the experience!

You are a special teacher and human,


Vicky and Adriano

A journey of a lifetime, a journey of learning and growth.

I took with me a box of tools and knowledge for life.

Thank you for the smiles and hugs for listening and supporting.

The combination between the magic of India and you as people with the energy that you bring gave me the feeling of freedom and opening my heart, every moment was fun. Everyone in their own way gives full attention to everything.

Thank you for the introduction, and thank you for the experience, thank you for India and thank you that I had the privilege of going through this experience with you, I am very lucky.


Against all odds we went to Vicky and Adriano's yoga and healing retreat.

A new couple, tired parents with new born baby :)

In the middle of the stress and chaos of life, this was the best decision we made for us.

The perfect combination between Vicky and Adriano was the best thing that could have happened to us right now.

10 days of laughter, love, searching, curiosity, sensitivity and giving.

We have had a fascinating journey and we are returning home to our baby with strengthened forces, happy, loving and contentment .

Thank you for healing our mind, body and heart.

Already waiting for the next retreat,

Love, Daphne and Matan.

Beloved Vicky and Adriano,

Infinite thanks from the bottom of my heart for 8 magical days from morning to evening and from head to toe.

I felt enveloped in love, warmth, guidance, professionalism, laughter, personal attention, sensitivity and listening on a different level.

I won, and I'm already fantasizing about my next win in you and myself.

I came back happy and smiling despite my longing for the group, taking with me everywhere the words of wisdom and insights I heard from you.

love and appreciate very much,


Dear Vicky and Adriano

How perfect to start the day practicing yoga with you Vicky, thank you for helping me to be precise in a non-judgmental practice and compassion for my body.

Dear Adriano, you are simply a gift. Everyone needs one Adriano in their life.

Thank you for opening my chakras (literally), and teaching me to speak to myself in a different language, a loving language.

Coming to this retreat was a decision and the best choice I made for myself recently. Thank you loved ones for a journey of love, joy, liberation and reconnection to my body and soul.

Amen will multiply such retreats.

Love, Albina

Beloved Vicky and Adriano

Thanks for a dreamy retreat.

For the opportunity for healing and growth, for the attention to each one, for understanding what each of us needs, for the look into the soul, for the look at the body - how we stand, how we breathe, how we move, for containing the pain of all of us, for the hug, for The compassion, for the full acceptance without judgment, for the correction you made possible, for the view, the air, the sunsets and the amazing food and for this important word Sankalpa - intention, which from now on will accompany me every day.


I'm sure we'll see each other again!


Yours in Yoga,



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