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On Vacation

We are on vacation for 18 days. But are we really?

Greek Island hoping for 18 days. 3 Islands with 3 kids for almost 3 weeks.

Sounds maybe exotic and tempting but traveling with children below 11 years old, is not really a vacation. Because most of the time I feel like a firefighter running around trying to put out fires. It's exhausting!

What helps me is an inner mantra I say to myself:

‘’This will also pass’’. Instead of fighting with my over-judging voice or my thoughts, I remind myself that it's only human of me to feel this way and that I am not alone. It's okay not to like every moment. Because no matter what other people tell you or show you on social media, you should know that what you are going through, others feel too.

Where we can meet soon:

‘’Unlock the Gifts of Yoga’’, 6-10/09, Lefkada, Greece

During this time in Lefkada, I will be also offering a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course in Greece - Level 1 September 6-11

Living Big, Goa Yoga Retreat, India- 18-27/01/2024

During our traveling expedition (: I spontaneously decided to host an 18-Day Yoga challenge, where I share with you some daily practices. This challenge is about helping you to create daily short but effective moments on your yoga mat. With no yoga props (equipment) these videos will inspire you to move your body and stay consistent, even during August or when you are traveling (with or without kids (:),

This is the first video in the series. Enjoy and please share with me what topics would you like me to add in the remaining days.

If you like the content, please subscribe to my youtube channel.

Your support means a lot to me.

A quote for you today:

Its Okay not to be Okay

P.S. You're welcome to send this email to your loved ones who you think may benefit from this.

This is where we will be staying in Lefkada this September:

Join us for a restorative revolution and learn to teach restorative yoga.

Dates: 23-27/11
Location: Ella Yoga Sarona Tel Aviv
Level: suitable for yoga teachers who have completed a 200HR certificate, dedicated yoga practitioners, and body therapists.
For more details you can email at me:

Affiliates I am working with:

Most days I post on my Instagram page, please follow there to connect.

Reply here with any questions or requests, I am listening:

Yours in Yoga,



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