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Sit with it

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Tel Aviv, where I spent most of my adult life.

I am going to teach yoga that I love so much, to see my best friends, whom I met along the way bartending, studying in the University and teaching Yoga in Tel- Aviv. This trip is very special to my heart, more than any others, and I am very looking forward to hug my loved ones and meet new people who are coming to my workshops during this difficult time.

But now, I am here, writing to you, while my suitcase is waiting for me to fill it with too many clothes that I won’t wear and books that I won’t have time to read (:

This past month I started again thinking a lot about grief.

Grief came to my life when my mom passed away 8 years ago. Back then, I didn’t understand the concept of sitting with my feelings, maybe deep down, I didn’t really want to or knew how to. It felt scary to let myself feel any of this new sadness and emptiness that suddenly occupied my body.

But I didn’t have much of a choice, but keep going, I was a mother, a business owner and an only child. I was raising a 2.5 years old daughter and a 5 months old baby boy. In addition, there was my dad, who needed me. I was supporting everyone else, except myself. But strangely enough and not strangely at all, Yoga provided me the support that I needed. I kept practicing as much as I could, I kept teaching and managing my studio. And in return, it gave me strength to make it through and not to break apart.

Today, 8 years later, I am sitting with it. I learnt how.

I am letting myself feeling it. I am letting myself healing it.

I am making friends with my grief.

Because drinking it away, smoking it away, scrolling or running away from it, won’t help. Maybe just for a little while, but eventually, it will hurt even more.

If you reading this and you experience grief, see if you can sit with it. Allow yourself to just feel it, embrace it, don’t fight with it. Give it space in your heart.

And if it’s too scary, try again later on and again, until you can be comfortable sitting with it. This is good way to let yourself start your healing journey.

Coming Next:

Workshops in Israel: 24-25/11: Sold Out!

Living Big, Goa Yoga Retreat will take place in the magical Goa this coming January.

Early Bird registration is over now but due to the war in Israel, I am extending it until the end of November. 2 rooms left available.

Here are some photos from our Yoga retreat in Goa, last December, 2022.

Today I am sharing with you a video about Yoga for Menstruation. A soothing yoga practice that can help you releif menstruation pain and elevate your mood.

As you know it is black Friday week. I never thought that it would relate to Yoga, but why not? Why not offer you, my readers and everyone else who loves yoga something special for this time?

Because let’s face it, Yoga is essential for our wellbeing now more than ever. And if you can enjoy it with a big discount and a gift, it makes it even sweeter.

Here is your Black Friday Offer, Are you ready?

Register to our Living Big, Goa Retreat by November 26th and enjoy the following:

· Join with a friend to Goa retreat and receive 200 euros discount each, and one 60 min free session with me (in person in Athens or on-line) · Join by yourself and receive 150 euros discount and one 60 min free session with me (in person in Athens or on-line)

· And if you are not able to travel with me, then you have 50% off on all my digital courses and one online session with me. It could be Yoga or Ayurveda related.

I am also planning a very special digital course for post-natal women and you will have a special discount as my subscriber.

Please let me know if you will be interested in joining! More details are coming up soon.

Thank you for reading,

May this bring some motivation, hope, insights and inspiration for your practice and daily living.

Yours on this path


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