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Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Why fit in, when you can stand out?.

I am writing to you after I returned home to Athens after 6 days in Israel. Prior to this trip, I had experienced the deepest doubts about my path as a yoga teacher.

Since winter when I started planning a few workshops to take place in Israel, I changed my plans numerous times, Including locations, themes, structures, you name it. Because everything felt stuck and didn't work out as I wanted it to.

But no matter how frustrating the journey felt, I did the best I could not to sink into self-pity and didn't give up. I kept reminding myself that ' when you have faith in what you do and you do it from the deepest of your soul, things will manifest for you'

And things did. I surrendered to the flow of life but kept working, dreaming, and inviting everything I needed to be able to teach again with my favorite sangha, a community of people I cherish. I couldn't ask for better.

Thank you to everyone who attended and shared with me your experience. Your attention, presence, and words touched the bottom of my heart and left a sweet memory in every cell of my body. I will be waiting to see you all soon in November.

Today I am content, full of gratitude, and inspiration and I can honestly say that I am back on my feet feeling stronger & passionate than ever about how and where I am heading on the Yoga path I chose many years ago.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Thank you Stas for these beautiful photos.

I decided to share with you a few experiences of those who participated in our workshops. May their words inspire you to try yoga, or to be kind to yourself, and listen to your body.

''Dear Vicky, It is not trivial in my opinion, that after so many years in the field of yoga and teaching, you still find a place to deepen and improve your knowledge and that of your students.

So, thank you for reminding me how important it is to listen to the body and that pain is not necessarily a positive measure of success. See you at the next workshop.''


''Vicky has a special place in my life for many years, together we went through all kinds of periods, many retreats, and many emotions. I came to the workshop two months after giving birth, I had concerns that I would not be able to move as I would like and know.

During the workshop, these concerns dissipated. When I realized that yoga is not how flexible I am but how much I learn to adapt, a sentence that stayed with me from the workshop. I felt like I remembered who I am, what makes me feel good, and where my heart is. I remembered how important it is for me to take care of myself and get close to myself. In recent years my Vicky moved to Greece, since then unfortunately I have not been able to meet another teacher who knows how to get into my heart like that. Vicky knows exactly what to say to activate me and always inspires me.

Highly recommend to anyone who wants to do good for themselves.''


''Until recently, yoga was considered to me to be a sport that belongs only to those in good shape that easily rise to handstands. After the retreat in Greece with Vicky, yoga managed to become a way of life that accepts all ages, shapes and sizes and Vicky has a significant place in it. The way she makes yoga accessible, even to people who have never done yoga, and her level of tolerance is admirable. And I'm just waiting to share a room with her again at the next destination (:''


''I don't like yoga, something in my body that weighs 100 kilos and on a good day stretches to 190 centimeters doesn't connect.

Especially when you have to pay attention to the alignment of millimetres in the leg, pelvis, back and head - I feel as if my spine is going to fall apart and usually give up on myself. Despite all this I still practice several times a month and come home squeaking. By sheer chance I found myself attending Vicky's workshop - Moving from the internal organs. And here I got to know another yoga - an embracing and open yoga that allows the body to move from its strong and natural place. I couldn't believe how suddenly I reach depths I didn't know with comfortable feelings (relatively) and a feeling of warmth in my body.

If you want to learn yoga that understands the human body and loves it, then Vicky and her amazing workshops are your place. Your body will thank you and you will forever be addicted to Vicky's captivating smile.''


Do you remember to rest? Here is a short video to set your savasana. You can add it to the end of your yoga practice or just enjoy the relaxation any time your body asks for it. Enjoy and share with your friends.

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The next Retreat will take place in Jordan. November 1-3. Start packing (: More details and a special discount is coming soon.

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Our words reflect our thoughts. Our thoughts reflect our beliefs. And our beliefs shape our lives, Especially our unconscious ones.

Yours in Yoga,



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