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You Are Not Too Old.

I turned 44 on April 27th! Wait, What? How did this happen?

If I didn’t know the year of my Birth Day, I would never believe that I am 44 years old. Not that I don’t have wrinkles, or some saggy skin here and there, or a weaker memory sometimes, but because I don’t feel like 44.

I still dream big. I want to travel to Australia and open my own Yoga & Ayurveda school. I want to visit Safari in Kenya, be healthy, and practice Yoga for another 44 years at least!

I actually feel stronger than in my twenties and sometimes even wiser (: So what does it mean to get older?

How do you feel each year about your birthday? Do you celebrate it or avoid it? How do you determine your age? By your date of birth in your I.D. or by the level of your energy, motivation, and inner spirit that drives you?

This is where Yoga helps me and can help you. My daily meetings with my yoga mat or the meditation cushion remind me that we are meant for more. And everything you want can be yours.

You are not too old to start over your business or your relationship.
You are not too old to move to a new place, 
You are not too old to start that project that you are dreaming of. 
You are not too old to begin new habits that make you feel alive.
You are not too old to become the person you wish to be.

Because you are not your age, your security number, your titles, or your thoughts. You are meant for more than that. You deserve everything your heart desires for. Stop freaking out about your age, don’t overthink it, and leave your mind alone. Enjoy the present moment, this is all we have, and it all works out.

By the way, this is how I celebrated my birthday this year in Israel: teaching and practicing with mind-alike people who love yoga:

Today's Yoga on YouTube is ‘’Yoga Blocks Rock!’’

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This week's book recommendation: The Body Keeps The Score

The hardest yoga is what we do when we go back to our lives. It takes courage to live our yoga.

Upcoming Events:

As my teacher, Judith Lasater, loves to say:

Capitalism and patriarchy are interlocking systems that want you to believe rest equals laziness and work is never done. These systems don’t see you as a sacred being, but rather as a machine for efficient productivity. In this context, resting is a radical act.

Join the revolution with me live in Lefkada, Greece, this September.

This is my only in-person Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2023 and it takes place in Greece.

This training will be taught over 6 days on a beautiful island, Lefkada.

You can join us either to become a certified Restorative Yoga Teacher or be part of a 6 days retreat The Gifts of Yoga.

In any case, you will rest, laugh, explore the island, meet new people, learn new cool things, and have fun.

Registration for Goa Retreat, Living Big, in January 2024, is available now and gives you, my reader, a 50 euros discount if you register by the end of May.


In case no one told you this today:

You are brave!

You are meant for more!

You can do this!

I believe in You!

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Yours in Yoga,



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