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Awaken Your Inspiration!

I love listening to podcasts.

It is one of those habits I acquired during our long Covid-19 lockdown days. and that I am super grateful for. Not only it inspires me & enriches my life, and it makes other household chores so much more rewarding and fun!!! Yay to podcasts and big namaste to the people who invented them!!

I am at this stage of my life where I want to make more space for inspiration & creativity In my life.

Here are some topics on my wish list:

To write a book, to play the guitar, to learn a new language, to learn how to sing…

The source of my inspiration & motivation usually arises when I am on my yoga mat (this is why I always have my notebook and my favorite pen nearby).

Other times, it comes from listening to other inspiring personalities like Nick Robin; Listen here or Mark Manson and Steven Pressfield.

Hearing their life stories gives me more confidence to pursue my dreams. They open my mind to new directions, ideas, and ways of thinking and creating. They remind me that everything is possible if you believe in your actions.

Even when it's dark, the light is there if you keep walking, with faith and persistence.

I definitely recommend you check them out.

‘’Each experience of my day puts the momentum in a certain direction for my next experience of the day. Good, bad, ugly, fantastic... how I choose to show up actively creates what I experience.’’ Pete Longworth

I’ve just recorded a simple practice for busy people. The theme is short & effective. I hope it will inspire you to start your day with movement that will bubble up into creative thinking & activity.

I am using inhale-exhale blankets in my practice. You can purchase yours with my coupone code: Vicky Shope here today:

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you love getting this content.

Last call for Thailand Retreat this coming February with me and Adriano:

Finding Peace - Yoga & Healing Retreat immersed in the tropics of Koh Samui with Vicky Tomsky & Adriano Hauvel, Samahita, Thailand, 18-25/02, 2023

New Workshops with me in Israel, 27-29/04, 2023!

All the details are coming soon.

Rituals for Life, Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat, Lefkada, Greece, 05-09/07, 2023

Registration is open now.

Level 1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course, RYTTC with Vicky Tomsky, 6-13/09/2023, Lefkada, Greece

Thank God for Yoga!

I cant imagine how my life would be like without it.

Most days I post on my Instagram page, please follow there to connect.

P.S. I have a new Facebook account, Vicky Tomsky, please connect here! I am building my friendship list from scratch and would appreciate your support!

Reply here with any questions or requests, I am listening:

Until next time,



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