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The Deepest Breath

Last night, Alon and I started watching the underwater tragedy of Netflix’s ‘Deepest Breath’ by Laura McGann. I have to say, that it is a breathtaking documentary. We haven’t finished it yet, we had to stop at half of the movie, because it was already way past my bedtime (midnight is my boundary, when do you go to sleep?) The movie intrigued me. The athletes’ ambition, bravery, determination, dreams, and love for what they do filled me with deep respect and awe.

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I admire free divers. This is something that I am too scared to try, but I can definitely relate to the freedom they feel when they are underwater. I get a sense of it when I am on my yoga mat. It's like I disappear from the surface, entering my imaginary cave of self-reflection, where emptiness and fullness exist side by side.

The story got me thinking about how breath is such a major key component in our lives and can be explored in so many ways that most of us don’t even aware of.

I think that this is the main reason why I am so drawn to Yoga. I was always fascinated by breath work, its elongation, retention, etc. Knowing how to wisely manipulate the breath is a powerful and magnificent tool to have in life.

This documentary gave me the idea to teach a workshop about breathwork, asana, and life. What do you think?

Let me know if this is something you will be interested in: learning how to breathe, on and off the yoga mat. Because breath is a vital energy force, it is life and now is the best time to remember that.

I will go off the grid starting August 3rd since we will be traveling with our kids, exploring the Greek Islands, and will be back teaching online and in person starting September.

Where we can meet soon:

‘’Unlock the Gifts of Yoga’’, 6-10/09, Lefkada, Greece

During this time in Lefkada, I will be also offering a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course in Greece - Level 1 September 6-11

For both events, Early Bird Discount is available until the end of July.

By joining this month, you get a 100 euro discount and one free 60min massage in Lefkada. How amazing is that?

2-Day Hatha Immersion Workshop in Lima, Peru- 21-22/10/2023

Living Big, Goa Yoga Retreat, India- 18-27/01/2024

Today's YouTube video: bird dog exercise that will wake up your core and help you tap deep into your body quickly and effectively. A perfect way to wake up, keep your body/mind in shape and stay consistent with your practice during hot summer days.

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Your support means a lot to me.

A book related to our topic today is: Breath by James Nestor

A quote for you today:

When we truly surrender to this practice and we jump off the cliff of this practice, it actually brings us what we need (which is not what we thought we wanted). We see the person we are, not the person we thought we were.

P.S. You're welcome to send this email to your loved ones who you think may benefit from this.

This is where we will be staying in Lefkada this September:

Join us for a restorative revolution and learn to teach restorative yoga.

Dates: 23-27/11
Location: Ella Yoga Sarona Tel Aviv
Level: suitable for yoga teachers who have completed a 200HR certificate, dedicated yoga practitioners, and body therapists.
For more details you can email at me:

Affiliates I am working with:

Most days I post on my Instagram page, please follow there to connect.

Reply here with any questions or requests, I am listening:

Yours in Yoga,



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