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There is a seat in the Theatre of Happiness with your name on it.

‘’There are unlimited numbers of seats in the Theatre of Happiness and there is one with your name on it. ‘’

I heard Jay Shetty saying this in one of the podcasts I was listening to and it made me think. When everything goes as planned, it is easy to find happiness. But what happens when the world keeps spinning and you can't find your seat? What do we do then?

Since October 7th, life has changed. And the word 'Happiness' received a new meaning to me. Now all the little gestures of life, like sunshine on my skin, a bite of a red juicy pomegranate, waking up in the morning, the sound of laughter, breathing, all the mondain became sacred.

And I thought again about this Theatre of Happiness: that maybe during dark moments, we can't see clearly where our seat is, But we must believe that it is still there, waiting for us to find it.

This thought of faith inspires me to keep searching and doing my thing until I sit again in my seat of happiness. So, when in pain, grieving, or feeling desperate, just keep walking, and concentrate on small steps until happiness finds you again.

Daily rituals like yoga, breath work, exercise, cold plunges, reading, listening to podcasting, studying, and planning my workshops, are the anchors that help me to keep believing. Concentrating on things that uplift you, shifts the mindset from negative to positive, to abundance. And this is how hope returns to our hearts.

Until we meet again, take good care of your sweet-self. One way to do that is to practice Yoga for 10 min a day. It takes you away from the spinning mind and brings you back to the body, where the present moment lives.

Today I am sharing with you a video about a Child Pose, Balasana. A simple yoga pose that allows you to exhale the difficulty and welcome life. I have been doing a lot of this pose in recent days. Give it a try and send some extra love & compassion to your mind.

For my Hebrew-speaking friends, here is the first full-length yoga session (out of 3), Yoga as a ‘’First Aid Kit’’. May it serve your practice and bring more happiness into your life.

Coming Next:

3 Workshops in Israel: 24-25/11: more details in my next newsletter.

Living Big, Goa Yoga Retreat will take place in the magical Goa this coming January.

Early Bird registration is over now but due to the war in Israel, I am extending it until the end of November. 4 spots left available in 2 shared rooms or 2 spots in 2 single rooms.

Yes, we live in uncertain and fragile times so let us become the best versions of ourselves as long as we are here on this planet.

This is your quote for today:

‘’The magic you are looking for, is in the work you are avoiding ‘’

On my reading list:

The Feeling Of What Happens: Body, Emotion, and the Making of Consciousness by Antonio Damasio

Sending you love across the skies,


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