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There is No Final Destination for Healing

Updated: Oct 31

Today I started listening to a new podcast that I found very helpful in understanding trauma, and the healing journey.

Please listen here:

Discovering Yourself in Tragedy with Steph Catudal and Rish Roll

photo taken by Biran from our last workshop in Tel Aviv in April

We live in very strange and painful times and I find Yoga vital for our well-being more than ever. The situation in Israel is unprecedented, and my mission here is to keep supporting you and our community with self-care tools.

Yoga is a not self-destructive tool and it offers us many ways to suffer and find ways to take care of our well-being. This is why I called our Zoom meetings: Yoga as a First Aid Kit

These are free Zoom classes I am offering these days and they are in Hebrew.

You can join our next session this coming Saturday at 10.30. This is your link to join:

Yoga as an Anchor:

Meeting ID: 879 7365 8391

Passcode: 557867

Please join us to find an anchor through yogic movement and stillness, to help us build grounding, and mood-boosting, clear the mind, and invite compassion.

Being surrounded by like-minded people, even on Zoom (:, helps to develop resilience, courage and embrace hope, and most importantly feel part of a community!

I hope to see you there but don’t worry if you can’t make it live, there will be a recording! Just email me back here to receive it.

And this is your recording from our class on Saturday: Yoga as a First Aid Kit

Password: sb.e10m?

This week I shared a few videos for better breathing and yoga for anxiety, please watch them here:

Breathing Technique for reducing stress:

Yoga for Anxiety (in Hebrew):

Simple yoga poses for better Breathing

If you find this content inspiring and helpful, please don't forget to sign up for my YouTube channel. Your support means a lot to me.

Unfortunately, my workshops in Israel are postponed for now and I will announce new dates very soon. I miss you all!!

This is your quote for today:

‘’Hard times are opportunities to give yourself proof that ‘even this’ couldn’t stop you.’’
Alex Hormozi

Sending you love across the skies,


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