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Wake Up!

I spent 4 days in another dimension. Last week we celebrated my husband's birthday in Barcelona. Now I am back home. being a tired Mama of three again, multitasking (:

These 4 days, just the two of us, kidless, with no worries and no agenda (except visiting the best tapas bars), were necessary for us. Living fully is important because it's easy to forget ourselves, especially when you are a parent, & especially these days. The reminder was great in the turmoil of life.

While biking on the sunny streets of Barcelona, I felt that I could keep riding my black bike, basket-free (Alon got the basket), forever. It felt effortless, free, and spacious.  All I needed was some free time away from the ordinary and some pure rest. Did you notice that when rested it is hard to be agitated? Instead, when you are well-rested, you remember to be grateful. We all deserve rest and attention.

It took us a lot of effort and creative thinking to arrange this trip (bringing Alon’s parents to Greece and juggling from a distance all kids' activities, homework, etc), but Oh Boy, it was worth it!


Planning a trip can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. However, it is a wonderful gift for your nervous system. It allows you to take a step back and gain a new perspective. It gives us space to reflect, to become present, and to enjoy the little things that we overlook when we are running around from task to task daily.


This birthday trip, filled with Glühwein and Paellas, slowed me down and brought me closer to life. It woke me up!


In a way, this is what Yoga offers us: an opportunity to shift our focus away from the spinning mind, leading us to a new way of thinking & being. Yoga shows us a way to be deeply intimate with what we are feeling. It wakes us up and connects us deeper to ourselves, to our loved ones, and life.


This month I am celebrating my new workshop. It is called: Mastering the Art of Healthy Sitting.

It all started with one of my students here in Athens. She came in one morning to practice complaining she had lower back pain. I asked her what caused the pain. She replied: ‘’I sit too long’’. I showed her some movements to relieve the pain. Then I said, "But most importantly, pay attention to your posture at work." And then, I had a vision! The workshop is for people who sit for many hours during their days. It aims to help them develop healthy sitting habits and avoid pain and injuries.


Mastering the Art of Healthy Sitting is available in person or online and it is designed for companies and individuals.

Here's a special Holiday present for you: a 108 euros discount! Book Mastering the Art of Healthy Sitting before December 31st this year!


To schedule your workshop and redeem your special offer, email me at:


And here are 2 retreats coming up, you might enjoy:

Living Big, Goa Yoga Retreat- unplug and recharge with us in sunny Goa during this winter. We have 2 last rooms left available.

Here are some photos from our Yoga retreat in Goa, last December 2022.

Slowing Down: Yoga & Safari Retreat: traveling & yoga experience while slowing down and reconnecting to Nature in exotic Kenya. Early bird registration is available until January 15th!

Today I am sharing with you two practice videos: one is meant to warm you up, A 2-minute Dynamic Warm-Up 

And the other, One- Yoga Blanket, to calm you down. This overwhelming time of year is the perfect combination to remember to take care of ourselves.

I read somewhere that the following exercise encourages awakening happiness in your life. I thought it would be nice to share it with you:

Right 10 answers to the following: ‘’I feel happy when I do_______________’’’

Let me know if you like it.

Today’s quote:
‘’Wake up and Live Your Life.’’

Wishing you a low-stress holiday season and an easy transition into the new year & Hannuka!

Until Next time or Next Year!


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