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Where are you now?

The past two weeks were very intense for me and my family. I don’t sleep enough, and I worry too much. No wonder my eye started to tic again. The future always pulls me forward and makes me anxious. It took me two weeks to make time to write you this newsletter!(:

Lately, when I teach, I read from a wonderful small book written by my teacher, Judith Lasater, where she gives quotes for daily living.

The other day, I stumbled across this beautiful quote:

‘’Because I am so rarely there, the most exotic place on earth is where I am right now.’’ Judith Hanson Lasater

Gosh, this is so true for me. The good news though is that at least now I started to notice this habit and I am trying to shift my attention to the present moment.

Yoga for me is inhabiting the unnecessary: what is not serving me or harming me. This is why coming to our yoga mats every day is more important these days than ever.

Please let me know if this resonates with you (:

But, I admit that there is one thing that soothes me about the future: and it is our Sankalpa Retreat in Goa. I just booked the flight and I am excited beyond words!

And guess what? Now there is a super special deal for those who fly from Tel Aviv. There is a direct flight one-way T.A to Goa and a very convenient connection on the way back. The ticket is 750 dollars available for our group, available not for long, so don’t miss it!!

Here is a fresh view for you to practice warrior two, virabhadrasana II, that I like exploring lately and you might like too:

When you enter the pose, think of your front arm as the future while the back arm is representing the past. Then your torso and the mind stay in the present.

While visualizing this metaphor, I am no longer attached to my past or resisting the future, I am accepting staying here, right now, making friends with the present moment.

Let me know if you liked this version of Warrior II

Ways to connect and some giveaways for you:

  • Receive a free pre-recorded class for the holidays by signing up for my newsletter: The link to the recording will be sent to your email address. (The session is in Hebrew). A gift from me to you for the Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashana.

  • Join our BREATHE! workshop in Israel this coming October by the end of September and receive one free 60min online session with me and a free ice bath experience with Zenia during one of his workshops in November.

  • Sign up for our upcoming Jordan Metamorphosis by the end of September and receive a 5% discount and online retreat All is possible and all is Accurate for free (worth 400 Shekels). The course is in Hebrew.

Most of the days I post on my Instagram page, please follow there to connect.

Thank you for being here.

Where are you now? Is your heart here? Or is your mind pulling you away into the future or maybe you are in the past? Take a breath and stay here. Even if it is for one slight moment.

Take care of your sweet self, Vicky


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