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Your Habits are Who You are.

This January I am indulging myself with inspirational reading & listening to podcasts about mastering your mind and creating better habits. For me, the trigger to sharpen my daily habits is always coming back from a retreat that I was teaching. Usually, on retreats, when I am not absorbed with household and taking care of my kids, my system shifts toward healthier habits:

  • I don’t intake any alcohol

  • I wake up early and I do my yoga practice first thing in the morning

  • I go to bed earlier and I sleep better

  • I don’t consume any meat

  • I read more

  • I laugh more

  • I enjoy doing nothing

This is the core reason why I think we should go ‘’off the grid’’ at least once or twice a year and take care of ourselves. But, for me, it is also about the outcome, what I take home with me when I return to the mundane routines of my life.

‘’Consuming healthier habits away from home, create a consistent echo at home.’’ Vicky Tomsky

Then, I find myself more attracted to less wine during the week, I am more drawn to a ‘’phone free’’ bedroom around 10 pm, and so on and so on…

This is why I enjoy so much reading ‘’ Atomic Habits’’ by James Clear. And I am also having lots of fun with a book I bought in Doha's airport for my partner, Alon, which we share now: ‘’Mental Fitness’’ by Ant Middleton.

Enjoy this podcast with James Clear interviewed by Tim Ferris, about his new book on how to create better habits: ‘’Atomic Habits’’

‘’ The pain of not doing it is greater than doing it’’
James Clear

And here is a gift from me to you today: In case you sit a lot during your day, this video might help you.

It explains how to create a better sitting habit to maintain a natural, pain-free posture that supports organs’ health. May it serve you and your loved ones.

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''Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead, let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?''
Elif Shafak, ‘’The 40 Rules of Love’’ 

Ways to connect in person in 2023:

Finding Peace - Yoga & Healing Retreat immersed in the tropics of Koh Samui with Vicky Tomsky & Adriano Hauvel, Samahita, Thailand, 18-25/02, 2023

Soil and Soul, Yoga & Culinary Retreat with Vicky Tomsky and Avital Sebag, Shaharut, Israel, 27-30/04, 2023!

Rituals for Life, Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat, Lefkada, Greece, 05-09/07, 2023

Level 1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course, RYTTC with Vicky Tomsky, 6-13/09/2023, Lefkada, Greece

Thank you for being here!!

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