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One of the good things I took from being in lockdowns during Covid 19 is to bring more playfulness into my life and self-practice. It means less rigidity, more acceptance, and adding new concepts and modalities whenever I can.

I like to say that our practice on the yoga mat reflects our daily living. How we see behave, the self-talk, the ambition, the laziness, the fears, the glory moments, everything mirrors our lives. Once you become playfully on your yoga mat, playfulness funds you in everyday moments. And then, life becomes more joyful even when it is very hard. Attention is Priceless Another thing I discovered during the last 2 years of self-exploration is that I give more importance to where my attention goes. Attention is gold. These days living in the West in a high-speed society bombarded with constant advertisements and algorithms that are constantly trying to steal my attention, I don't give it away easily anymore.

I started practicing yoga with more attention, to the movement, the sensations, the breath, the emotions, and the thoughts associated with each practice. What inspires me the most these days is the question I also my myself every time before I begin my practice: ''What is my Intention today? Today I am sharing with you a playful tutorial with yoga blocks that teaches the normal range of motion of the shoulder joint. Instead of telling the body what to do, allow the body to move naturally. Move from the body to the mind and not from the mind down. When you play with your yoga blocks, pay attention to what your scapula (shoulder blades) is doing.

  1. Grab 3 firm yoga blocks: place one block along your vertebrae spine so that it touches between your shoulder blades ( the scapula)

  2. The second block is under your back skull.

  3. Hold the third block between your palms and reach back and away from your trunk.

At first, allow your scapula to lift and see how far you can get. After that attempt, try to hold the scapula down without moving it and check how restricted the movement now is. This is a great way to learn the natural glenohumeral movement for downward Dog pose (DWD) that can bring more joy to your shoulders and prevent injuries.

Today is your last chance! Today, June 10th is my Dad's birthday and some time ago, I chose this date to be the deadline for our online courses promotion. So here it is :

Book any of the online courses available on my website and receive a free 60 min digital private session. the deadline is today, June 10th, 12.00 am.

And! You get a 15% discount for any of InhaleExhale Your coupon will be sent to you once you register.

What is coming next:

Thursday, July 21st


Studio Naim, Herzliya, Israel

Obtain a skill of moving from the organs and not from the skeleton. This will make your yoga practice fresh, equally embodies and vibrant. This way of moving will change your relationships in asana with your organs and their health creating healthy balance & integrity on and off the yoga mat. Join us to deepen the intention of your asana practice beyond stretching and strengthening. Early-bird registration ends June 30th!

A 2-day workshop for yoga teachers

Friday, July 22nd, 12.00-16.00

Saturday, July 23rd, 10.00-14.00

Studio Naim, Jaffa

The Art of Teaching Yoga Course was born out of a deep passion for yoga and my experience practicing & teaching this ancient practice for over 15 years. When I just started to teach, I was assured that what students needed the most was the information, but with time I learned that teaching yoga is about seeing others with soft eyes which begins with seeing yourself with soft eyes.

If you are teaching yoga and would love to join one of these workshops, I have an offer for you. Please email me.

''Every moment is a fresh beginning." – T. S. Eliot

Yours in Yoga,



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