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Four Thousand Weeks

I am obsessed with my new book ‘’ Four Thousand Weeks’’ by Oliver Burkeman. I took it with me to London for my training two weeks ago. This is one of the big advantages of traveling solo: I can finally read my favorite books.

In his book, Oliver writes: ‘’Productivity is a trap. Becoming more efficient just makes you more rushed, and trying to clear the decks simply makes them fill up again faster. Nobody in the history of humanity has ever achieved ‘work-life balance’’, whatever that might be, and you certainly won't get there by copying the ‘six things successful people do before 7 am.

Productivity has been my thing for many years, it still is, in a way. But some things started to shift since I started practicing Restorative Yoga. Now, I am more aware of the need for business and its misconception, especially how it rules us, women, in the West.

YouTube Video: supported shoulder stand and its benefits


Restorative yoga teaches us the joy of being.

Doing nothing

Rushing nowhere

Resting with eyes closed

Receiving the blessings of the Universe.

When you’re relaxed, it’s no longer possible to be anxious. And when you are not anxious, you can let go of the consent urge to feel busy, believing that if I am not busy, I am not worthy. Many researches prove now, that when we do less, and we give our full attention to one task at a time, without rushing or pushing, We actually become more efficient and less stressed and exhausted. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

in the photos: lots of props and me enjoying doing nothing during our Restorative Yoga Training Level 2 with Judith Hanson Laster in London this May

We will be doing a lot of this delicious Restorative Yoga in Paros this summer.

Join us for 5 delicious, spacious days where you are being taken care of and where you can slow down, enjoying doing less and being more still and quiet.

Supported Downward facong dog for anxiety, general exhaustion and tired moms(: or busy people (:


Paros Island Yoga Vacation The Ebbs and Flows of Life, Yoga Retreat

10 July – 14 July 2024

Tao’s Center, Paros, Greece

Give yourself permission to break free from the routines that dull your senses and rediscover the passions that make life worth living.

We are waiting for you in Paros!

September 23-27, 2024

Athens, Greece

Early Bird registration runs until July 1st.And for you, my dear readers, there is a special offer: Register by July 1st and receive the ''Unpack Kinesiology'' course for free (worth 99 euros)

October, 2024 Mysore, India

I took this photo on your right during one of the sunrises in 2017 when I visited Mysore with my students during their Yoga Teacher Training.

Mastering the Art of Healthy Sitting Is available in person or online and it is designed for companies and individuals.

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