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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Last week I started going to pilates classes again (the last time I went was 3 years ago) and it reminded me how amazing it feels to experience different things in life. Especially when it makes you feel muscles in a way you are not familiar with. LOL.

Recently, I have been feeling like I am trying to put myself into a box. A box that fits it all. But I realized that I can't and that I don't want to. Because I don't fit a particular box. I am a mother, but I am also an entrepreneur.

I am a yoga teacher, but I also enjoy pilates, swimming, and a glass of wine (:

I love my kids and I adore my hubby but sometimes I feel claustrophobic at home and all I want to do is escape for a vipassana retreat.

I teach yoga that is based on my experience and my personal approach and it doesn't have a specific style.

I love the solitude, but I also need a tribe.

I can be joyful with my kids, then have a meltdown and the next hour teach a serious workshop.

I enjoy living in the city, but I recharge in nature.

Most of the time, I am craving silence, but music makes my soul expand.

Cool, dark spaces make me feel safe while a bright and open environment lifts my spirit.

I am a morning person who gets inspired by the moonlight and a sky full of stars.

I am a traditional, wild spirit, educator, mother, business owner, creator, student, and beach lover. I am all of it. And that's my magic.

If you also feel that you are limited by little boxes you are used to being in, remember this: Stop overthinking being YOU, don't struggle to fit any boxes. You are a multi-passionate and creative person and you are unboxable. And that is your secret ingredient. Its my hope that this article will inspire you to come to own ALL pieces of you.
Tomorrow we celebrate an International Yoga day by practicing together as a communty. A sangha. Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21std, at 20.00 Athens Time Zone for 108 sun salutations and savasana.
My gift to you! To join, email me to receive the link:

To sweeten your week I have a special offer for you: Sign up for any of my in-person workshops in Israel this July or to our Rediscover Silence Everywhere Yoga Retreat in Evia by this Friday, June 24th, and receive a free 60 min online private session with me or one of my online courses . Your choice!

On top of that, please enjoy your discount purchasing InhaleExhale beautiful products with the coupon: vicky.

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite yoga practices that I have been using for years, long before I had Kids. Uddiyana Kriya is a cleansing technique, but I find it also very beneficial in toning my skin belly postpartum. It also helps me with diastasis recti rehabilitation. For full diagnosis, and treatment, feel free to contact me by email.

Upcoming ways to connect:

Thursday, July 21st


Studio Naim, Herzliya, Israel

Obtain a skill of moving from the organs and not from the skeleton. This will make your yoga practice fresh, equally embodies and vibrant. This way of moving will change your relationships in asana with your organs and their health creating healthy balance & integrity on and off the yoga mat. Join us to deepen the intention of your asana practice beyond stretching and strengthening. Early-bird registration ends June 30th!

A 2-day workshop for yoga teachers

Friday, July 22nd, 12.00-16.00

Saturday, July 23rd, 10.00-14.00

Studio Naim, Jaffa

The Art of Teaching Yoga Course was born out of a deep passion for yoga and my experience practicing & teaching this ancient practice for over 15 years. When I just started to teach, I was assured that what students needed the most was the information, but with time I learned that teaching yoga is about seeing others with soft eyes which begins with seeing yourself with soft eyes.

If you are teaching yoga and would love to join one of these workshops, I have an offer for you. Please email me.

Get yourself free. You are multi-dimnetional, You are unboxable. Yours in Yoga,



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