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Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

I have been living in Athens, Greece, for almost 3 years. I remember when I just moved to Toronto Canada ages ago, a close friend told me this:

''During the first year of relocation, you are overwhelmed by homesickness and you want to go back. After two years, you are getting settled in, feeling more comfortable, at home. After the third year, you feel you belong and there is no rush for going anywhere.''

Either way, a relocation takes time. Emotionally, mentally, socially & financially. I find it to be a never-ending journey. A bittersweet adventure, especially when done with kids.

I relocated a few times in my life to know that. But the main challenge is, to my opinion, that we keep thinking that the neighbors’ grass is always greener. I guess it could be true for many aspects of our lives: the way we compare our personal lives with others.

My Mantra for complex situations is this : ‘’Become friends with the present moment and leave your mind alone’’

Try it when a turmoil event is flooding your mind and heart, repeat it silently or out loud and notice the internal sift.

This week I started a new chapter in my Greek life and I began teaching yoga in person outside of my home yoga studio. And an immediate craving for my own studio popped out in my heart. But then doubts, fears, and uncertainty appeared.

When I go through a process like this or similar others I tend to listen to my intuition, to my belly brain, the gut. It works. The universe guides us all the time, but we lose the ability to tune in. All you need to do is to listen carefully and don't let external or internal 'noise' and judgment interfere. I am reading now this fascinating book, Blink, that explains exactly that. It's a must-read!

Today I am sharing with you some tips for loving practicing Navasana, boat pose. May it help you to enjoy it and stop skipping it: Fall in Love with Navasana Who loves Navasana? I do! Honestly, but I hated it for a long time until I changed how I practice it. We are most likely to practice poses we like than those we don't. Would you agree? A full tutorial on how you can fall in love with your boat pose, Fall in Love with Navasana and get your abs stronger is now released on my YouTube channel. May it be of service to you.

What is coming next:

Thursday, July 21st


Studio Naim, Herzliya, Israel

Obtain a skill of moving from the organs and not from the skeleton. This will make your yoga practice fresh, equally embodies and vibrant. This way of moving will change your relationships in asana to your organs and their health creating healthy balance & integrity on and off the yoga mat. Join us to deepen the intention of your asana practice beyond stretching and strengthening. Early-bird Registration just opened!

A 2-day workshop for yoga teachers

Friday, July 22nd, 12.00-16.00

Saturday, July 23rd, 10.00-14.00

Studio Naim, Jaffa

Early-bird Registration just opened!

The Art of Teaching Yoga Course was born out of a deep passion for yoga and my experience practicing & teaching this ancient practice for over 15 years. When I just started to teach, I was assured that what students needed the most was the information, but with time I learned that teaching yoga is about seeing others with soft eyes which begins with seeing yourself with soft eyes.

If you are teaching yoga and would love to join one of these workshops, I have an offer for you. Please email me.

Hag Shavuot Sameach to all my Jewish friends! To celebrate with all of you here is your gift:

Sign up for one of the July workshops or book any of the online courses and get your 60 min private session with me and a 15% discount for any of InhaleExhale Your coupon will be sent to you once you register.

This offer ends on July 10th.

Hag Sameach!

Here is your weekly quote dose:

Perspective doesn’t shape your life, it is your life!

Yours in Yoga,



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