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Reinventing Your Reality

I am making a change!

No, it's not a relocation or reorganization of the furniture.

It’s a bit deeper than that.

It all started from a challenge that led to a big disappointment that led to sadness and ongoing frustration.

I believe in our abilities to transform.

I believe we are meant for more than the ordinary,

I believe we can change if we want to.

These last few months of feeling lost brought me to an understanding that I need to make a change.

Now I am learning how to shatter our mental constraints and truly transform our lives.

It's called; Reinventing Your Reality!

This exploration opens the door to new, fulfilling experiences and I am very excited to dive deeper into new dimensions.

The goal is to break free from the cycles that bind us to the familiar and step into the realm of the extraordinary.

What other choice do we have but to believe in our right and power to evolve, grow, and live a life full of abundance?

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops:

Evia, Greece- November- More details are coming soon!


Online workshop:


Teacher Training:

This video is for you if you are looking to establish a self-home yoga practice but are not sure where to begin. I always suggest starting simple and small, this will help you to stay consistent and enjoy and benefit from short practices.

''Transform How You Practice Trikonasana'' video is part of our Unpack Kinesiology course we just finished in June. All sessions are recorded and available for you. Once you pay, you will receive all the recordings and a free 30-minute session for Q&A.

Until we meet again, in person or online, remember this:

You are made to change, you are made to evolve, you are made for greatness and you have the power to do it.

Mastering the Art of Healthy Sitting Is available in person or online and it is designed for companies and individuals.

To schedule your workshop email me at:

If you like reading this, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with a friend. You can simply forward this email to anyone who might benefit from a little Yoga in his/her life.

Affiliates I am working with (I recommend only products that I use myself )

Most days I post on my Instagram page, please follow there to connect.

For more inspirational ideas for your practice, please visit my YouTube channel.


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